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  1. Hate to poo poo on this too, but having experienced the "if you adopt me I expect you to be around for me" it's the effing worst! The idea of family RP here is about communication and respect of everyone's personal time. Adopting needy children who expect you to be on all the time for your entertainment and attention is just absurd. I love family RP especially for those of us who come from broken homes and love the idea of having friends who act like your parents in game. My SL mom is my bestfriend and the best mom ever... I never expect her to be around, or pay for our land on her own... none
  2. Would love some recommendations on brands that do matching outfits for families! Besides trying to mix and match items from our own personal inventory, I was hoping to find some stores that had 'Mommy and Me' stuff. Thanks
  3. Come one come all!!! STORMFRONT NIGHTCLUB IS HIRING! If you're an experienced Dancer, Host or DJ.... please tp here: Stormfront Nightclub You need (TL;DR): - To be 18+ in RL - At least a year old in SL (unless you prove your skill are mad) - We need experience!! (no noobs. You will get your chance later, promise!) - Available at least 1 day a week - NO CLASSIC AVAVATRS! (Sorry, but yes. It's 2019... you can find decent freebies, cheapies...Linden earning games to work towards a mesh head or body) - ENGAGEMENT IS KEY (If you don't like talking to c
  4. HOLY SHIRT BALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT FORKING HAPPENED!!!!! When I was least expecting it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't care that it's not a house boat, I just wanted any one of these I could get my hands on!! Thank you everyone for all you tips and advice! It effing sucks to have to wait this long to get one and spending all my time refreshing, but no more. Good luck everyone who doesn't have one
  5. Ok houses are showing up, but I keep getting an error page. Not a "sorry you missed this" message UUUUUGH!! Also the house keeps showing up each logout and refresh I do.
  6. DAAAANG good advice! Someone (not me) should make a thread with all the how-tos, FYIs, recommendations on good auto refresher extensions etc. I had to wade through a bunch of forms just to get a teeny amount of info about Bellisseria homes. I realized I could logout and then log back in to avoid the 10 minute refresh issue.
  7. Thank you everyone Just a quick question though, when a Bell house comes up will it be the first thing I see when I refresh or will it be in the drop down menu like the older homes are?
  8. Dammit!! I just started using an auto reloader yesterday and so far I've got 0 hits. I've tried joining groups and keeping on top of the forms for hints and tips.... nothing 😭 How do I find out about releases, or updates, when to get myself online when houses go up?! I know it seems really stupid of me to be pissed about not getting a fancy new home, but I effing paid for it yo! Give me what I paid for, shiny and new and also COMMUNITY! That's my biggest hangup, I could easily get a ***** old home... but no one is ever around or doing things together. 😩😩 =
  9. Ugh it's so frustrating trying to get one of these homes, even with the new updated "every other day" release. I'm never on when LL releases them, I've started to realize that this premium membership is kind of BS, why would I want to have an old linden home when the community I'm looking for is with these new homes!! Get your S*** together LL and give us a G.D home already!! 🤣 Also hai Nia :3
  10. Hi Marz, I wasn't sure if the Hogwarts School RP was still kickin, I play an adult and teen avi and I was looking to get my teen avi into either a University or new school rp! Glad to know it's still kickin. If you have anymore information on it I would love to hear about how to apply and make a new friend while at it Cheers, Jenna
  11. THIS! If anyone has had to pay to join a group, whether YOU personally don't like that idea or the idea of groups, is pissed right now and I think I'm safe to say there are a lot of us feeling this right now. I belong to a mix of groups to enhance my SL experience. For shopping, RPing, events, shows... a whole wack of things - Even as a premium member it's hard to get rid of groups to join new ones. I was going to get rid of my premium account because it's become useless, not being able to get a new Linden home kinda put a bad taste in my mouth and I had had to make a quick decis
  12. HELLO!!!:matte-motes-nerdy: I've been a long time SL player who just got back into the world a few months ago. All my original friends have decided to take a break so I'm looking to expain my group of friends. I'm very open minded, like to do almost anything. Just IM me in world and I look forward to talk to you:smileyvery-happy.
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