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  1. Hi @DeepBlueJoy, @nostalgicmemories! No problem about resurrecting this! Lol. I am kinda sorta inactive on sl just now (and the forums, evidently xD), but the HP love just doesn't die in me... so I will definitely be back and I am happy to connect with you both in world. Will drop you both a line when I am on next... see if you're up for a butterbeer or sumthin'! I am also into a few magickal/fantasy fandoms, not a Twilight fan (Robert is forever Cedric to me), and I am into quizzing people to determine their correct Hogwarts house. So Blue, if you want to take a test with me, I am mo
  2. Although it's safe to say I am rubbish when it comes to forum activity (lol. Apologies for the ridiculously belated response!), I cannot doubt that this has potential to be a viable way to connect with "your people". Case in point, you ^^^ are now three of my best friends. Thanks for taking a chance on a random Swedish Ravenclaw girl. Jag älskar er! ❤️⚡
  3. Sorry, neglected to add... https://my.secondlife.com/marz.marchant. Oops 😅 I have zero info in my profile here as this is the first time I have used the forums.
  4. I am a little uncomfortable to write this as I have an "old" account... but to give you a little backstory, I joined SL years ago on a whim (with my rl bestie), hung around for a week or two pretty much exclusively flying around with her (I believe in a place called Sexy Freebie Paradise 😜), trying on some pretty average clothes and having a bit of a laugh. It soon became boring (surprise!). My bestie left sl and I did too. It was an easy decision to make as I was not immersed in the experience and had no connections to anyone on sl. 4 years ago I logged on again. The second time around I
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