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  1. Hello, I recently bought a sim, and it's made for med-fantasy underdark RP. This group is for more than dark elves (Drow); but Duergar, Svirfneblin, Orcs, Goblins, Imaskari, and Dragons: anything that dwells in the Underdark. Search for Landron in SL search critereia. The sim iteself is a faction for Winter Court/Sidhe Hive folklore, rather than the Dark Seldanine. I wanted to take this chance, to invite any underdark species players, to visit my sim. This group is for more than dark elves (Drow); but Duergar (Dwarves), Svirfneblin (Gnomes), Orcs, Goblins, Imaskari (Deep Humans), and Dragons: anything that dwells in the Underdark. The area was originally built into the underdark, but since was levitated up into the sky, where it floats to this day. The city itself is made for Winter Court/Sidhe Hive RP, unlike dark seldanine drow cities. Dress is victorian. The city has an open hierarchy, arcanists will often be offered leadership of the city, along with the Arcane Council.http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Landron/140/141/1075
  2. I've never heard, of being able to do that myself. I think Relig is right. I'd say that would include extra coding. Though the chat inferface is incapable, of running the script, and putting it through. That is certainly do-able, if that were possible however.
  3. I know what you mean. And one of these ladies, did help. If the avatar name is Bob Smith. What you need to do, is go on this website, and try to log in. Underneath the login credentials, there is an option Forgot My Password. I've accidentally done that as well. Firestorm, causes this. Before the last update, you could do it just by hitting tab, and enter, and they fixed it. Thankfully I know my passwords well. But have them send your password, to your e-mail account. And you should be right as rain.
  4. Listen to valerie. In fact, I don't believe you will find anything, for rent for 10L a month. 10L a week, you can swing easily, there are plenty of options. I rent a homestead, and my rent is 30 USD a week. You really will need more to spend. HOWEVER, there are places, people would be willing to rent you out a spot, with a prim limit. I have one of those as well. I have 2 of their rentals, for a grand total of 150 prims, allowed. That costs me 450L a week. And they have rules, against people breaking into your rental, normally.
  5. I might say, someone was hinting at the real issue. 4GB of Ram, and your processor, are not very good specs to be running Window 8, I'm afraid. Even Window 7 may be an issue. And unfortunately, XP does not register more than 3GB of RAM. My best suggestion, would be to load a partition on your hard drive, of an Linux Distribution. That will handle your hardware, and actually runs MUCH better than any windows machine. And in case you are worried. Unlike most other programs, people actually make linux capable viewers for SL. You'll be fine, they have the option right there, with the Windows and Mac versions. But with what you have in your PC, I would strong urge against using windows Vista, 7, or 8.
  6. The real problem, is perhaps you were on a sim, that didn't auto-return. This is fairly rare, but I have been on a few sandboxes, where you were urged to only rez copyable object; otherwise they would get eaten. I'm not sure if this is some kind of extra-programming, they added into SL, or a product of SL itself. Your item may be lost, if your Lost and Found Folder is empty, unfortunately.
  7. Sadly, if you have lost your e-mail address, there is not much that can be done. The only other thing you could try, is contacting LL, and seeing if they can help you confirm your identity. Then they may work with you. But that's your only option, sadly.
  8. Relig is right. That's the way you'll need to get allowed. However I might suggest stayin gin moderate, if all you wish to cyber affairs. Adult is primarily, for real nudity; yes actually photos. Otherwise moderate is fine, for just getting a partner. Not to mention, adult is often filled, with no one a girl would want to sleep with.
  9. There are clothing layers, tattoo layers, and objects, you can attach or wear on your avatar. Relig has a point, that you can go to the library and find many. And there is also an avatar appearance button, on your viewer, by default. It has many starter avatars for new people, just wanting to test the water. You can also go around shops, and buy things, or on Market Place. If you don't have the lindens, or you don't want to spend anything, there are freebies all over. Clothing layers, are like clothes IRL, except they pretty much are your avatar's shape. Tattoo layers, can of course, give you tattoos, or people implement them in other ways. Objects can be attached, and will go over your avatar's shape, and will actually look like it's there. A combo of these things, is generally the best practice. Lastly there are body parts: Hair, Eyes, Skin, and Shape. You will want to find some you like and use them. However the Hair options is completely useless, and ugly beyond belief. You will want to buy sculpty or preferrable mesh hair. sculpty hair however, may be found for free, in either of those places I mentioned before. This all works from your inventory, like any window on a PC, or Mac. They all come like a file, in a folder. If you right click them, you have options. What you will be primarily concerned with at this moment; is add, and wear. Add will add it on top of what you have, and wear will replace what you have there already. And a last note, mesh tends to come with another layer, alpha. You will need those, to keep your shape from sticking through the mesh. Which that's not ideal, mesh tends to be much more attractive, however.
  10. Relig is right. Basic building, is easy enough, especially if you have done it before. But those programs she listed are very important, as well as skills in PhotoShop or Gimp. You may also was to script your objects. Basic blocks, can look rather mundane, and are of little use these days, other than using them along with, a sculpt map, or mesh.
  11. The others are right, it's against the ToS, to share them; but not outside of SL, or other Linden Labs Ltd. products. Usually talking things over with people, is the better solution. logs can be editted, beyond belief. See if you can all come to a reasonable solution.
  12. Aston Imari


    There are absolutely likely 1000s of such clans, throughout SL. Either roleplaying on a sim, or participating, in inter-sim RP. I have friends that do so all the time. Just type Lycan into your search menu. It should bring up a plethora, for you to choose from. I roleplay in Star Wars Roleplay, and I can tell you, we have more groups pop up everyday. I might suggest, finding a sim that supports that kind of roleplay, and going out and meeting people In Character, to find a clan that works best for you. SL can very much be a game, for anyone. It's half the premise really. All these builders, and programmers, need someone to sell to.
  13. I don't believe this forum, is here for you to make money. It's for people who need help. If you need to, make an advertisement, for what you are trying to sell, and put it on an item in world. You can then rez it somewhere, either on your own land, or have a friend do so, or rent a spot on someone's sim. That's my best advice.
  14. Do what she suggested. That should probably be the answer. If anything is close together, that is what happens. It will return everything, all as one thing in your inventory, and name it one of them. If they were farther apart, you should have more. But I believe she may be right. If not, I'm not sure how else that could be fixed. Hacer lo que ella sugirió. Probablemente debería ser la respuesta. Si hay algo juntos, eso es lo que pasa. Le devuelva todo, todo como una cosa en tu inventario y asígnele el nombre uno de ellos. Si fueran más lejos aparte, deberías tener más. Pero creo que puede que tenga razón. Si no, no estoy seguro cómo eso podría fijarse.
  15. That's a tough question. I've never had that issue before. What I can say, is a temporary fix, til someone else helps you. You can log into an alternate account, and transfer the money to them. Then buy the items as a gift, for the account you want them on. That should help, til someone else has better advice.
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