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  1. For a more authoritive 'OK' for the Emerald viewer - and LL's whole view on the subject - you might also like to look here, or show it to people that are moaning about you using it: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Alternate_viewers#Third-party_Viewers Since LL say third-party viewers are OK and specifically mention Emerald I think you are pretty safe :-)
  2. Go on ELQ, this is a windup, isn't it? An 'alt' is just another account you use so it is completely independent of any other accounts you may have. So all you do is create a new account and sign it up as premium if you want to actually pay for it.
  3. Confusion Ann! Whether it's yours or mine I'm not sure but please clarify as you know more about this than I do. a) If you're going to program an avatar as a 'bot this is a local issue for your PC. You're quite right to say bots are allowed in SL and that by 'self-declaring' any arguments are prevented. On the other hand, there is not much LSL can do to control an avatar, so you wouldn't need to script in-world to make your bot. b) If you wish instead to use LSL to script objects in-world then bots are irrelevant but everything else you've said is quite true. Either way, I'd have thought "crappy sensors" would apply even more to SL than RL when it came to robot control. A fun project, to say the least!
  4. Excellent Vryl. I'm even more embarrassed now though; I should have seen that one when I looked through the scripting forum.
  5. Lol, yes Roberto. For the next month or so everyone should be running all the scripts they can so the baseline measure of script-use is as high as possible
  6. Thank you both. How stupid am I that I didn't even know the commerce group existed?
  7. Thanks Ann, I was hoping I wouldn't have to read back through the transcripts to catch up. Oh well ... I'll just leave this open to see if anyone else has put 'the story so far' somewhere.
  8. LL are planning to introduce limits on the scripts that each avatar/place can have (don't panic if that's news to you!).  Apart from Babbage Linden's office hours and the transcripts is this being discussed anywhere?  Ideally, can anyone either tell me or direct me to a summary of the current situation and plans, please. (Yes, I'm embarrassed to have to ask as it's my speciality .  I have been away for some time though, honest)
  9. While you should absolutely AR him for this behaviour you should not post the IM here, including his name, or you could find yourself being reported. Now we know who he is though, when are we having a pitchfork barbecue with the SOB?
  10. Online indicators simply are not reliable, especially the friend's list in the viewer, Like a lot of things in SL it's been broken for a long time. The amazing thing is, an awful lot of stuff has improved.
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