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  1. The main problem has been traced to the region that I have my sim in. They restarted it, but that has not solved anything. I hope I don't have to abandon my land.
  2. Well I don't know. I still can't get on. I live in Western NY. I have a support ticket in.
  3. Here is what I have learned. I tried going instead to another region, and wound up at some newbie hub instead. That was Amiville that I tried to log in at. I then was able to TP to Dove Creek and go to Bear River and then I walked into Amiville from there. Those are Wild West roleplay sims where I play a boar. I went to SL maps and the region that I have my Frightville Studios sim, Ichoen, is not even on SL maps! That appears to be most of the problem. So essentially my home region has vanished. It is not a restart. I hope they have not deleted the entire region. So I was able to get online, but there is definitely some kind of problem.
  4. Thank you, but I had the same problem on a second computer that I use. It is not my machine.
  5. I will try it. All three viewers gave me the same results so reinstalling them will not do anything.
  6. I have tried different viewers and an alt, and I cannot log in. I keep getting some message about not being able to set default permissions, and this gobbledy***** too: File "SLVersionChecker.py", line 659, in <module> File "SLVersionChecker.py", line 655, in main File "SLVersionChecker.py", line 138, in leap File "SLVersionChecker.py", line 244, in leap_body File "util.py", line 100, in wrapper File "update_manager.py", line 657, in pick_target_platform File "update_manager.py", line 520, in isUnsupported File "update_manager.py", line 327, in pshell File "update_manager.py", line 349, in _pshell File "subprocess.py", line 466, in check_output File "subprocess.py", line 571, in run subprocess.CalledProcessError: Command '('C:/Windows/System32/WindowsPowerShell/v1.0/powershell.exe', '-Command', 'CimCmdlets\\Get-CimInstance -ClassName Win32_VideoController | Select-Object -ExpandProperty Name')' returned non-zero exit status 1. The message I also get is that either SL is down OR my internet is down. It is not my internet. The reaction is the same no matter the viewer.
  7. I was working up in my movie studio, experimenting with prim based skirts. Here is what I found. I hope it helps. The hemisphere is a little difficult to work with, but you can do some great tricks with it by tweaking the parameters on the edit mode. Work at it and you have a decent looking skirt. Then I tried a hollow cylinder. You have to tweak the taper parameter but the result can be a good pencil shirt. The torus takes quite a bit of work but it too makes a good skirt. Like the hemisphere, it needs to be inverted 180 degrees but it too makes a pretty skirt if you work at it. Finally there is a hollowed out cone. That gives the wide open type of skirt. While I do have some mesh items, I am not a mesh fan. I don't use mesh bodies. I am just offering these suggestions to newbies as a mesh alternative. I transfer my creations to my alts for my various theatrical productions. Try it. It might work for you. Artifactsofmars (Frightville studios)
  8. Hi I have the most advanced virtual reality movie studio anywhere, thanks to Second Life. It is called Frightville Studios on Ichoen. I am in constant need of new structures, spacecraft, alien-looking plants and gadgets. I am thinking of taking a hiatus so that I can work around the house. Here is what I want: Price range on all items <=$L500. Perms on spacecraft must be at least copy. Perms on everything else must be at least copy/mod as I use a rezzing system. The big idea here is to build more sets. I do 5 original series plus Star Trek fan films (i currently have 49 Star Treks). Star trek sets are highly prized by me. They must be copy-mod at least. You can do this one of 2 ways. Send me a link to Marketplace, OR drop by my Frightville studios. Leave the items in a box in the visitor's area. I will check the area periodically. I will evaluate the item, and buy it if it fits my specifications, and then return the box. Be advised that I don't use third part vendors so put it in a box and leave it OR send a Marketplace link. You will be taken directly to the visitor's center when you TP there. When New Years comes, I will turn auto return back on.
  9. OK thanks for the information. I built a movie set using one of my existing buildings. I am a capable builder, but my time is limited.
  10. Marketplace is down. I am looking for pre-built hospital buildings. Perms must be copy-mod because I use a rezzing system. Price is less than $L 1000. I will have to buy it in a box. Contact me and I will come to your place or you can come to mine.
  11. I went to buy some hospital structures and I got a bad gateway error 502 when I tried to buy from cart. Buying directly does not work either. I checked with SL and sure enough it is down. You are out of luck luck if you were going to buy anything. I guess I will have to build my own.
  12. I want 6 prims with different creepy crawly things, insects like grasshoppers and worms like mealworms. I need that in looped animations so it looks like they are crawling around. Flat prims will be good. Permissions are copy/mod. I need to drop scripts and notecards in them for a rezzing system. This is for my new series, Habitat 15. Pay is $L1000. Contact me in world.
  13. Thanks for letting me know about the Serenity series. What I am proposing will be fact-based and not related to the series you mentioned, so I don't have to worry about copyright on that. I will take a look at your Ohio suggestion,.
  14. I am probably going to mod one of those Grendel's wolves with fur textures. I did it once with one of their wildcats.
  15. I am looking for fully functional city buildings. I would rather not buy skyscrapers. Fully furnished items will be given preference. No grunge buildings. I am beginning preparations for a new internet series called Serenity which will be based on the 15 minute city concept. Needed perms are C/M. Must have modern textures. Nothing over $L1000. Also apartment houses, same information. Contact me in world and drop a link or LM.
  16. Just FYI the Great Dane is one of the world's largest dog breeds, and the pug is a small one. I am looking for something in between.
  17. Thank you, but that is way out of my listed price range.
  18. Yes I did. I just stated what I found. It was mostly anthros and kits.
  19. Hi I am looking for a medium sized dog avatar, with teeth. I have already gone through Marketplace. There were anthros galore. I want the 4 legged variety, maybe the size of a collie. That's just a suggestion. People posted ads for dog avatars that had obscure terms in them, and talked about dog parts. The instant I see that, I hit the back button. I want a complete dog avatar with a hud and no nonsense. I don't care about the breed, as long as it looks good. You can drop me an LM inworld. I am going to cap this at $L1000. Remember, I want a complete, fully functional avatar with a hud that I can just drag and drop to change my avatar. It must at least be Copy. If I see a kit or an anthro, I will immediately hit the back arrow.
  20. They who don't, don't get the sale. I use mesh items, just not mesh bodies.
  21. So every time I go on Marketplace it gets more bizarre. This morning I went on it, buying clothing for my movie making. There was one description after another that contained strange two and three letter codes that I had no idea what they were. What I learned from that was to not click on the item. The titles could be cleaned up to assist buyers who are looking for specific items. Now if you don't think that's fair, consider this. If a customer does not click on your item, then you don't get the sale. It's that simple. The descriptions could be cleaned up too. Some of them have no information on the item itself. "Back click". That's what happens if I don't see the item properly described. While we are at it, remember another thing. Not everyone uses mesh bodies. I bought a cheapie just for fun. I learned quickly that classic outfits don't work with those. I was not impressed. My entire avatar system is based on classic avatars, and I am not going to scrap it in order to use mesh bodies. It's the most advanced avatar system on Second Life, with over a thousand female avatars and hundreds of males (I have lost track). It allows me to seamlessly go from one avatar to another, and one outfit to another, in seconds. I am not going to throw it out just to use mesh bodies. Make sure that you include in your descriptions if it works with classic avatars. If it says on the sidebar "Works with Mesh Avatars", then "Back Click" happens again. Some of these sellers need to read a book on marketing.
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