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Structures, plants etc for frightville studios

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Hi I have the most advanced virtual reality movie studio anywhere, thanks to Second Life. It is called Frightville Studios on Ichoen. I am in constant need of new structures, spacecraft, alien-looking plants and gadgets. I am thinking of taking a hiatus so that I can work around the house. Here is what I want: Price range on all items <=$L500. Perms on spacecraft must be at least copy. Perms on everything else must be at least copy/mod as I use a rezzing system. The big idea here is to build more sets. I do 5 original series plus Star Trek fan films (i currently have 49 Star Treks). Star trek sets are highly prized by me. They must be copy-mod at least.   You can do this one of 2 ways.  Send me a link to Marketplace, OR drop by my Frightville studios. Leave the items in a box in the visitor's area. I will check the area periodically. I will evaluate the item, and buy it if it fits my specifications, and then return the box. Be advised that I don't use third part vendors so put it in a box and leave it OR send a Marketplace link. You will be taken directly to the visitor's center when you TP there.

     When New Years comes, I will turn auto return back on.

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