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    Can't log in

    @kevuky Try using Googles DNS as mentioned in previous answer, but also please consider posting your current DNS setup here http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Second-Life-Viewer/DNS-problems-at-login-a-request-for-information/m-p/1862703 Monte Linden is looking into the source of this problem and additional information from those who encouter this problem would be helpful.
  2. For those with Windows 8, here is one method to look DNS settings. I'm sure there is a shorter way, I'm just a noob with Windows 8 thus far. Windows 8: From Start Screen>Move Mouse to Upper Right Corner>Click Search from toolbar Find Control Panel>Network and Internet>Change Adaptor Settings For each network with Internet Access Type;report the count For each Network: Click the connection to bring up Status window Click the Details button Report all 'IPv4 DNS Servers"
  3. Would you also be interested in any such reports coming from Windows 8 users? I am running windows 8 fine, but I know others who have experienced this on multiple different OS's and a few on Windows 8. I will ask those I know who've experienced this to post their information.
  4. Very interesting thread and work done on this LSL Script! Somewhat reinvigorates an earlier idea of mine for a plugin for Blender and/or other 3D Programs to create a tool allowing for rough estimates of Land Impact, Upload Costs, etc from within a program while creating mesh models.
  5. ICE and the overall Softimage workflow are two of the primary reasons why I prefer Softimage over other programs for rigging and even much of my general mesh and even sculpt modeling. Talin Sands developed the great Softimage XSI sculpt addon which I have used for awhile doing sculpts. ICE has some amazing abilities and the workflow in softimage is pretty slick imho.
  6. I will post the example working Softimage Rig here for others to work from once I finish tweaking it a bit more
  7. This is rumor mill and there is no evidence from any reputable sources ourside or inside LL to confirm this. While its true the mesh asset format changed quite some time (many months) ago back when mesh was still only on beta grid and in testing, there have been no discussion I have been aware of or heard mentioned by LL or through the Lindens at Mesh Office Hours to give any credence to such a rumor. In fact, in recent Mesh office hours many of the Lindens have actually given more indication that the current mesh asset format is going to remain as it is and the main efforts for mesh in general is overall stability and also significant work going into updating the viewer to resolve some deprecated OpenGL bugs and other viewer fixes. You can read recent mesh office hours transcripts at the link below which should help reassure you that this is just a rumor and current mesh asset format is not changing. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Content_Creation,_Mesh_Import,_Scripting_User_Group Best, Jusden Jonstone
  8. Thanks All. I got my rig working in Softimage. Jusden Jonstone
  9. LindaB thank you for that input and I agree with you on your thought process about how this could be done. Interesting experimentation you have done and yes I anticipated some statistical modeling would be a part of the computed estimates. Fortunately I have a background in computer engineering as well as in statistics which is much of the reason i had started exploring this idea, but getting other ppls feedback and input on the how, what and user experiences can help generate a roadmap to follow in terms of actually writing and implementing the code to start testing. Best, JJ
  10. Great Ash, yeah I know some of the weights will be harder to potentially calclulate or estimate than others, although depending upon how the open source mesh upload code turns out for TPV's there may be some options to get more weights etc utilizing a variety of methods. But yes even a basic tool to get what you are describing would be an initial goal and blender being open source would be how i would implement it first with possibility of expanding to other 3d programs. I have and plan to chat with some other developers about ways to go about programming it and testing anything and will definately keep you informed with any plans to move forward, etc. I think it could serve as a helpful teaching addon for people learning to make mesh for SL in blender as well. So its great to get some feedback and ideas. TY
  11. I have this crazy idea, that many may think is impossible or totally not feasable, but essentially I have considered and done some reseach looking into the possiblity of developing a addon initially for Blender but possibly for other 3D Programs in the future that would enable users to calculate an estimate of the SL Prim Equivalence or Land Impact of a mesh model one is working on from within Blender itself. Bear in mind I know, getting an exact estimate could be very very challenging, but I do see some possibility to develop a feature like this. Basically could be implemented in a number of ways with calculations of estimated Land Impact and even rough L$ upload cost estimate (L$ upload cost being a bit more difficult). Ideally I would see this as a blender addon where one could periodically while modeling get the estimates of what any given mesh model's Land Impact would be. As someone who has developed blender and other 3D program addons and scripts, I do believe this is possible, but I am curious as to how much of a demand or interest amongst the SL Mesh creation community for such a tool understanding that it would be an ongoing effort to try to make any such addon as accurate as possible. Any people that would be interested in such a tool or would find it useful if it worked and was fairly accurate? Any input, suggestions, constructive critisism, or other developers who may be interested in helping implement such a tool? This is something i would work on developing for free and open source in hopes it would help benefit both content creators but also SL as well in aiding in creating efficient mesh models. Please let me know your thoughts. Best, Jusden Jonstone :matte-motes-big-grin-squint:
  12. I know that i likely am in a very small minority of Softimage users, but I was curious as to whether anyone out there has gotten a working SL rigging that is usable in Softimage or if I should just stick to using Maya? If anyone is working in Softimage feel free to contact me if you are interested in getting SL rigging working in Softimage. TY Jusden Jonstone
  13. Mesh also seems to have great potential for avatar clothing, attachments and possibly in the future in skeletal animations and other future mesh features or functionality roll out the opportunities where mesh will thrive will become more clear. Also as some time passes and people learn to model mesh efficiently for SL purposes more widespread use and adoption of mesh will occur along with more people moving to fully mesh capable viewers. Unfortunately TPV's are needing to develop an open source mesh upload code solution to allow mesh upload in TPV's since LL official viewers rely on Havok Physics Engine proprietary code to handle mesh upload which LL cannot release freely to open source devs. Fortunately there are open source and TPV developers working to implement a solution to allow mesh upload in TPV's and some good progress is being made. Upon arrival of fully functional mesh rendering and mesh upload TPV's I believe mesh may become more widely used. Also as prim equivalence or land impact gets more settled and people start to grasp it more the uses will become more apparent.
  14. Work has already started on writing the code for the mesh deformer. As of yet, we have no ETA for testable or working version and I am sure Qarl would say it will be ready when it's ready. I have some inkling though that due to his experience and knowledge it will be sooner rather than later so long as no bottlenecks or unexpected issues crop up. I think this is something we all can look forward to. :matte-motes-big-grin-wink:
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