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  1. Nathan I think your issue is related to the first and second issues mentioned here: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Merchants/Marketplace-and-Direct-Delivery-Update/td-p/1462915 Yeah Flea i think it's gotta be the marketplace just being borked with a bunch of problems for a while so i won't worry too much about it but it did concern me that the person who's shop I was looking at was selling a known freebie desert eagle .50 for 800L$ and then the pics led to another site. I thought it's better to mention the issue here and see if it was normal.
  2. hiya Arwen I don't know if it's my browser but it only happens to his stuff so there is something wrong somewhere with his stuff. When I look at other stuff by anyone else it does not happen.
  3. I would like to know if it is normal or even allowed for pictures of products on Marketplace to take you to another site since that would allow for malicious sites to affect people looking at products on Marketplace. This person https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/57137 has all his pictures leading to https://d1ij7zv8zivhs3.cloudfront.net so when you click to zoom the picture it does not zoom but instead takes you to the cloudfront site.
  4. Everything works for me. Did the stuff as said on the DD Guide page and deleted my magic box after seeing everything listed as "Direct" under "Delivery". Just bought each of my 15 products and it's working fine.
  5. Yaaayyyyyy!!! ;D The Mesh Clothing Parametric Deformer Project reached it's goal of $5400 after 21 days, with 40 days left of the original 61! Wooohoooo! ;D Hopefully we have it as discussed in the Mesh HQ usergroup meetings, "sooner" rather than "later". ;D
  6. Cool! ;D I dunno how the Aditi money is given cos when i went and tried uploading stuff there, i had my usual Agni balance showing and i uploaded to test if it affected my Agni balance, but it did not. My Agni balance was still untouched when i logged back in there later. I just saw that the radio buttons to choose partial mesh/mesh are now working for me in marketplace. I uploaded a mesh object last night in Agni grid so maybe that activated the buttons.
  7. I just got an IM from a client and they said that the perms on my knives were no copy, no mod and no trans...but i had made them copy mod, so i unpacked the the box which i had placed in marketplace and looked at the knives. They were copy mod when rezzed, but when i looked at their perms in inventory, it showed no copy, no mod and no transfer... So i went and changed the perms while they were in inventory, which according to all the info on perms, is the wrong way to do it, since it must be set when the object is rezzed, but then when i then gave it to the client, the perms were now correct.
  8. k, found a solution! ;D I went and tried this--- http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Account-credentials/ta-p/700017 Updating Your Account on Aditi We have an account auto updater system of sorts in place. If you cannot log into Aditi or would like your inventory updated change your password. Then your account will be updated automagically within 24 hours. You have the control to update your accounts now. You no longer need to message Oskar for account updates to Aditi . Account Update Steps 1. Change your login password on AGNI. 2. Wait 24 hours. 3. Log into
  9. I have billing info and the mesh tutorial test in green for agni. I did the mesh tutorial for aditi and it shows green too. BUT aditi billing info says this----We're sorry, but online billing is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later. Please fix this. Do i have to join the mesh volunteer group still to upload mesh, even though this group is from pre main grid mesh days?
  10. ralph, thx for the laughs...btw, you should leave your mom's basement sometimes. The real world isn't all that scary...ok I lied, it's scarier than you could ever imagine...I hope you have nightmares of freebies flying around you, pecking at you, torturing you... ;p @ Josh, I've bought some of your stuff and really like what you do. I turned some of your stone walls into a fireplace. Looks very cool! ;D
  11. Woohooo! Thx LL! Mesh is cool! I've just started making stuff and scripting the stuff i made and i am going to learn to work with mesh too! All you old dinosaur moaners, please leave already. Nobody is going to miss you! Please don't tell us how you are keeping Seconlife going with your few cents of premium fees. hahaha! Just leave and don't come sneaking back with an alt! Yeah, you guessed correctly, i don't care how long you have been in SL ;p I spend thousands of L$ every month just tipping DJ's or the places i go to that have cool music. Never mind the cool stuff i find to wear! I don't
  12. "From the way the design appears to be, as long as there is a folder in the DD out folder LL don't care what is in it - so it can be boxed or not. No one is having anything forced upon them" Case closed. oh yeah, you moan too much darrius.
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