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  1. I have an old wall with a vine growing on it and looks very realistic in blender - but as a mesh in SL it is 100 prims and still does not look as good as the Blender object!! It also falls apart terribly when you zoom out just like a sculpt version. I could create the same thing in SL on a single flat prim with a nice texture and it will still look better than it does when I try to import it as Mesh. Is there a benefit to use mesh to achieve the same the result as a sculpt but with far more prims now? How is it possible to use mesh as an avatar when it is not as detailed? I guess I don't know what mesh is meant for.  
  2. I dunno... its too hard. vr1.23 worked fine - now Slv2 looks all rubbish, and with phoenix I can not remove UI for Machinima. :smileysad: What is the best viewer to use for Machinima???
  3. I just tried Phoenix - it does not have "control, ALT, F1" - so impossible to use. Is everyone using vr2 for machinima? I don't want to chew up all my download limits on viewers that are no good.
  4. Hi – does anyone know if SLv2 is the only viewer that will let you remove the UI (user interface)? What is the best method to “see” second life properly, like a real 3D environment? SLv2 is horrible - but is this the only way to make machinima?
  5. Very interesting idea... unfortunately I do not qualify to test it (Australia) Feedback about 1st page = I am using Internet Explorer & windows Vista - The video that loads is really cool , BUT the "join now" banner is huge and covers half the video, I was not able to move it to see the whole image. I have a question : People who already have second life accounts, but are using a low grade computer, and can never get a stable connection in world.... would these type of people be able to use their existing account with the web viewer??
  6. Firstly, I am sorry for all those who are upset about the closure of AU, but there really is no point in complaining.... I have not looked at the forums for some time, and today (believe it or not) I actually came here to post something positive, a happy outcome for something I had been struggling with for over a year.... BUT NOW..... I see this post, and have read many negative things here that have re-ignited some anger I had towards LL, and have totally lost all enthusiasm for leaving a positive post. I don't know how many people in LL actually read the feed back their customers give, or if any of them actually care. It seems obvious to me that no matter how loud people rant and rave, Linden labs is just not interested in its customers.... I still can not fathom why, since most companies in the real life world are VERY interested in their customers. LL does not allow its customers to log a complaint ticket, or offer feed back at all. Blogs and forums seems to be the only platform for this. Probably because they simply ignore the forums, and don't care what is being said about them. I actually took the time to write a real life letter, on real life paper and using real life stamps and an envelope posted it to Linden Labs real life head quarters..... some Linden in-world eventually messaged me to say that they had received the real life letter, and that it would be passed onto the appropriate department. (probably the garbage bin) That was over 3 months ago.... I have never received an actual response to my real life letter and I doubt I ever will. In my country, if a company does not respond to a written complaint within 1 month, they are fined and ordered to respond. Lucky for LL you are not in my country. In the case of LL, they are not interested in responding to real life complaints or customers, so any online complaints or virtual customers have no chance. It's sad that LL allows all this negativity to be broadcast here without responding to it - all this does is continue to breed ill feelings that are carried across onto the grid as well as into real life.... and like I said before, I actually came to post something positive elsewhere in the forum, but have lost all interest in that because the forums are always overflowing with anger and this is contagious. Besides, what is the point of posting positive feedback when I know that ALL feedback is ignored by the Lab. I wonder what a stranger, who knows nothing of SL would make of all this and would it encourage them to sign up? All we can do is make the best of a bad situation, until all the lights go out.
  7. Please not that it does not matter if you are a premium or concierge customer - if you are outside of the USA, you do not get acess to live help in your time zone. Membership benifits are designed for USA benifits only.
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