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  1. In most countries, the dating age is 16 years old. Do we turn a blind eye in RL at this? No, we don't. There is not really a way to say you can or cant date at 16 or 18. It is up to the parents discretion however if a minor is younger to say whether they can or not play SL. If we started to judge every single little thing that was wrong in the world, you would get such a headache believe me. Perhaps we should focus more on the real issues at hand that are the most major to peoples lives. Building a better future for a better tomorrow, means sometimes we learn from other countries or states wha
  2. people always search for old friends, thats because we care about them. You cant say they dont, because you only speak for one person and not for others. I learned long time ago, its better to stick with one avatar to play instead of making many. Some people might think those that do that have a slight multiple personality disorder, we surely dont want that.
  3. I am using the latest SL viewer, I also tried the firestorm viewer with same issue
  4. I am getting an error 126, but my viewer log in screen doesnt pop up, I thought my firewall was the problem, but it is not. This all happened with the new update viewer they had us install. I had no problems with my viewer prior. I am using intel core i7-6700 cpu 3.40 amd radeon r9 370 intel hd graphics 510
  5. Can anyone assist me? I downloaded or updated the SL viewer, unfortunately it reads like its going to load but doesnt. As soon as the detecting hardware, initializing shows nothing else pops up, not even the viewer. I checked firewall, I dont see how its blocking something from it that couldnt get through before?
  6. Where are all the original people of SL I met when I first started SL like Damanios Thetan, Hartio Witherspoon, Shepra Zapata, Nick Rhodes, Arwen Eusabio, and countless others. Why does it say im a Newbie to SL? I started 2004 and this isnt the first I posted in SL.
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