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  1. Here's an example: first picture normal, second picture when I tried to resize. I don't have 'Edit Linked' selected when doing this. I've never had any issues previously resizing mod items so it is SO FRUSTRATING! Any advice gratefully received, TY for responding! Kit =^..^=
  2. Hi All, this is doing my head in so if anyone can offer a solution I would heartily appreciate it! A couple of months ago I noticed when I was trying to resize furniture items that the items would seemingly 'crack', I'd no idea why this happened as I have never had issues resizing stuff before for the perfect fit. I was going to pursue it and ask further but you know, life gets in the way, and I assumed it was a glitch that was perhaps impacting SL and would be swiftly rectified. Well I've just come to resize an item and it's. still. happening. I have wracked my brains and have no answer to why this could be? I'm using the latest version of Firestorm, and I never mess with the big bad settings so I just don't know what's happened suffice to say it's frustrating as heck. Could there be a setting in the 'Develop' menu that's perhaps been knocked off during a recent FS upgrade? I literally have no idea except to say I want to be able to stretch and resize stuff again willy-nilly but I am a very exasperated Kitty as I cannot bleeding well do it anymore, GAHHH!!! If anyone can suggest a solution that will help me hang on to my remaining brain cells I would appreciate it! Kitty =^..^=
  3. I literally have no clue on how I would even get started on acquiring a Linden Home. Today is my 13th rez day, still so much to learn..*stares wistfully into distance, sweeping strings and elegant chords playing in background* I have actually had a bijou wanderette around Bellisseria for the first time today. I think I like the idea of a house boat more than the modern houses they have there, as I've never lived on the water before and quite fancy living in one of those, but I haven't had a look at the Victorian houses yet. I wonder if there are further themes to come out yet; for example woodland cottages, of modern style apartments. =^..^=
  4. Oh HAI! I'm doing my nut in, I really am, because I have been gifted a beautiful shiny new PC for my birthday that runs Second Life perfectly and can I heck as like get my Space Navigator to work in-world anymore. My Space Navigator works perfectly in Win10 itself and is completely responsive in all directions and no impact upon the functionality but is not recognised on the standard SL viewer or Firestorm, even when joystick config is enabled. I am like a newborn foal in Second Life without it; staggering all over the place and generally being even more pathetic than usual, but seriously, it's really doing my head in. Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope! Kitty =^..^=
  5. Starts singing "Let's talk about mesh baybee"... On the plus side some elements of it are making me very happy; for example the Mesh collection that Janie Marlowe released had me squeeing to the point of having to go and lie down in a darkened room, I kid you not. BUT I'm a picky cow, and I'm also a curvy avatar. I have boobs and buttocks and no, I don't have legs that elevate themselves into oblivion, so fitting issues are going to annoy me to hell and back. Gripes aside it is early days. I'm excited by Mesh, I'm positive about what the future holds. Second Life fashion makes me happier than real life fashion because in real life I can't afford the luxury items that I'd give my right arm for; but I can wear and enjoy them in world. So the potential that mesh brings to the grid makes me drool in anticipation at what the myriad of wonderful designers that we have in world can accomplish with it..I wait with baited, slightly fishy breath:) =^..^=
  6. Very true: I had a good think then swallowed some dutch courage and decided to just go for it:)
  7. You made some really good points there- thanks for your input!
  8. Thanks for your help, and the comment on my sig! =^..^=
  9. Thanks, I've just bitten the bullet and done it..and I feel relieved! Thanks for your reply- I do appreciate it:) ( yes, i know i'm a TOTAL softy!)
  10. Like most people in Sl I went through a phase of accepting friend requests and sending them out to all and sundry when I was a newb..now I realise my friends list is just beyond control! I've been in game ages and it's time that I reeled it in somewhat, but the problem is people know whn you have deleted them don't they? Is there any way you can do this without the avatar concerned being aware? I'm not asking this to be shady; rather than cause offence to people! I know it sounds an odd query but is there a way to do it at all? If there isn't I'll just leave it, it's good for the ego after all (!) BUT it's disturbing me that I have no idea who the majority of the people are! I know I'm getting old but surely my memory ain't THAT bad? =^..^=
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