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Cuddle Swing?

Ariel Vuissent

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I'm always just a little lost when I'm looking for furniture. It's hard for me to tell what's quality and what's not; what has the better animations; and what is really worth the money. So, I'm appealing to the forums: Does anyone know of a good, quality cuddle swing with decent animations?

What I'm looking for:

  • Good textures.
  • Good shapes - for example, if it has pillows, they should look like pillows and not textured squares.
  • Quality animations.
  • A variety of animations.
  • Adjustable poses - I often end up floating in the air or sinking half inside the furniture, so I'd like to be able to adjust the pose easily.
  • Solo sits as well as couple sits. I'd rather that at least the solo sits did NOT have poseballs.
  • PG - nothing sexual, just some kisses, hugs, and relaxing cuddles.
  • Variety of animations - I don't know what's a good number here, but I'd definitely like more than one or two sits.
  • Nothing too "beachy" - I live by a river, but not on a beach, so tiki furniture doesn't really work for me. Just something simple and classic, not too fancy.
  • Preferably under $2000L.

Hopefully that's not to specific! I've searched the marketplace plenty, but like I said, I have trouble figuring out what's good and what's not. If you just have generic "this place makes good furniture" reccommendations, I'd love to hear those, too!

ETA: It should also be stand-alone - I don't have a porch or tree to hang it from, so something in it's own "frame" would be great.

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Hi :)

I recently bought 2 swings for my place and I'm pretty happy with them.



You're welcome to pop by my place and check it out inworld (just msg me) before you purchase it, so at least you know what you're getting before you go off and spend those lindens :)

What next's furniture is pretty cute and the detailing is nice, though I'm not sure if the pillows are what you're after, they're pretty simple.



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Thanks! I'm not worried about something really complex; I just want something that doesn't look like someone rezzed a cube, maybe rounded the corners a little or made a couple vague indentations, threw on a texture, and called it a pillow. I'll check that out, and take a peak at the others.

ETA: So, I tried the one from {what next} and fell in love. Such pretty poses! (I didn't buy that exact one; mine is an Autumn one, which better fits my house.) And the texturing is also quite nice. Unfortunately, it hangs from a porch, which I do not have. So I found a cheap swing with a decent frame that was modify, bought it, unlinked the swing from the frame, and linked the {what next} swing to the fram instead. Voila!

The logs of the frame are a little thick, I think, but overall I actually like it.


My swing.jpg

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4489 days.

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