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Littlemouse Topaz

how do i measure my land for the footprint?


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Please see this chart for correspondances between sqm and land size in meters (the square Equal Line Lenght is the footprint). for istance if you buy a house of 40 x 30 footprint, you will need a land of at least 2048 sqm).


Land types

  Parcel Size (m2) Square Equal Line Length (m) Max Prims
1⁄128 Mainland Region 512 22×22 (16×32) 117
1⁄64 Mainland Region 1024 32×32 234
1⁄32 Mainland Region 2048 44×44 (32×64) 468
1⁄16 Mainland Region 4096 64×64 937
1⁄8 Mainland Region 8192 90×90 (64×128) 1875
1⁄4 Mainland Region 16,384 128×128 3750
OpenSpace 65,536 256×256 750
1⁄2 Mainland Region 32,768 181×181 7500
Homestead 65,536 256×256 3750
1 Mainland Region 65,536 256×256 15,000
+1⁄2 Mainland Region (when already at US$195 level) 32,768 181×181 7500
Private Island on pre-2007 server technology (second hand purchase only) 65,536 256×256 15,000
Private Island on current server technology 65,536 256×256 15,000
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Land is sold in blocks that are 4 M on a side. So any parcel's edges will always be multiples of 4 M.

In the veiw menu, check the option to show parcel boundries. You can then see the edges of the parcels.

In the build tools, go to the tab for editing land, and select the land inside the parcel. As you drag from one corner, you'll see the selected rectangle snap in 4 M increments. Count the number of times it does that, multiply by 4, and you have the length of that parcel edge.

With the whole parcel selected, the "About Land" controls in parcel properties will tell you the total area and supported prim count for the selected land.

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