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Wrong birthdate, huge emergancy

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This is a duplicate post.  Starting new threads won't get you help any faster.........in fact it will more than likely slow any help down.  The problem is that this forum is a resident to resident help forum........people just like you helping others with little problems that most of us have experienced and have found solutions over the months and years we've been in SL.  We are not employed by Linden Lab.  We have no access to any account other than our own.........we cannot help you with your problem.  All we can tell you is exactly what I'm going to tell you.  Contact LL support using the support ticket portal.  With the problem you have I don't have a clue under what catagory to place your ticket.......the catch all, I suppose (something like "other").


I'm going to say that I really doubt you're going to get much satisfaction.......at least not anytime soon.  You said this is a huge emergency.  To get age verified?  That's a tough one for me to believe since I can't imagine anything in SL being an emergency that requires age verification........especially since you are evidently in SL as a minor already.  And I also want to say that if you place yourself in LL's position of running a grid that has adult content on it and you are responsible for taking reasonable measures to insure that that adult content is not accessed by minors.....what would you do?  Take someone's word that they made a mistake and gave the wrong birthdate on the registration form?  Come on.......that's a transparent as a clean plate of glass.  Had you made a simple typo you might have hit the 9 twice instead of 9 and 0.......that would make you 12 years old and your registration would have failed right at the start.  Maybe you hit 8 instead of the 9.......that would have made you 31 years old and you would not have recieved the message you recieved with you tried to age verify.  The other "mistake" would be that you were so careless in your registration that you didn't even bother to look over what you filled in before you submitted the form.  All those "mistakes" only puts more doubt about what you are trying to tell us.  In short, I don't believe you are 18 years old or older........and I'm pretty sure that's going to be immediate reaction of any LL employee who gets your support request.  Don't hold your breath waiting for a solution to your problem.  When you get a response, you'll likely have to manually verify your age..........in other words, you're going to have to jump through hoops for LL to believe you and accept that your are over 18 years old.

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Peggy's answer is excellent, even if it isn't what you wanted to hear.

Lying about your age during registration leaves you open to all sorts of trouble.  Let's say for example that you are 15, but said you were 21.  You then accessed adult content and had sex with another person.  Let's say that this person later starts stalking you and you tell your parents about it.  They might want to take legal action against the stalker or Linden Lab...but because you lied about your age, you have no legal grounds for complaint.

That's only one possibility.  There are many ways for the unwary to get into serious trouble in the adult areas of Second Life.  The age verification system is there for your protection as well as to protect Linden Lab from liability. 

Now, you might be telling the truth about being an adult, even if Peggy and I don't believe you.  What you will have to do to prove it is to send a valid copy of proof of age (a photo ID and a birth certificate) by mail to Linden Lab with a request that they change your account data and verify you as an adult.

Oh...if you DO manage to get your age changed, better change your user name, too.  "Priick" could be considered broadly offensive; someone is liable to submit an Abuse Report on you.

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