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and the green bar will not fill


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Whether or not you computer can run SL successfully has nothing to do with installing the viewer on your computer.  That's a function of your machine.  There are many things that can interfere with a successful installation (not only for SL, but for any program you might want to install on your computer).  Two the the biggest problems people run into is anti-virus/malware programs and firewalls.  Those are, by far, not the only obstacles but, for SL, they are two of the biggest (it's the nature of how SL runs with everything except the viewer stored and delivered remotely from servers..........some security programs see that as a threat and block the installation).  There are also system settings that might interfere..........and way too numerous to even try to plow through on a forum (you'll have to go through your settings yourself to try to fix that, it it's the problem). 


But, there is one really easy fix if you are trying to install the viewer from the website (you get a choice when you "download" the viewer......run or save).  If you choose to run instead of save you are depending on your Internet connection to remain stable enough for the program to be installed from the website.  Most of the time that works okay..........but sometimes it doesn't and your installation will stall or fail.  If you are trying to install from the site, try saving the setup program to your hard drive instead......and install from that downloaded setup file.  That way the setup program for SL is under your system's control and not the website's control.  It generally works better plus by downloading to your drive you have the opportunity of scanning the setup program with your anti-virus/malware security software before you install the progam (just a little peace of mind). 

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