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Confused about land available


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This is probably very easy to figure out but I haven't been able to...I am premium, own land and have a linden  home.

My tier level is 25 dollars/month tier. Here is the breakdown, which confuses me. Why would I have 558 sqm still available to purchase? Down below this it states that I have 46 sqm available to purchase before tiering  up. THAT makes sense. If anyone can explain this I would be grateful! Even taking into account the 10% bonus for goup land I still don't see how I could have 558 sqm still available on this tier level.



 Current FeesEstimated Fees
Square meters owned:512
Square meters donated:4050
Premium Bonus in Square Meters:512
Paid Tier Level:4096
Available Square Meters:558
Monthly Cost:*USD 25.00
USD 25.00
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:smileysurprised: How can you be paying a 25 US$ membership plan? 

Here are the only membership plans that I know of:


Membership plans

Plan Price
Basic Account Free of monthly charge*
Premium - Monthly USD 11.90 (USD 11.90 per month, billed monthly) ¤
Premium - Quarterly USD 26.91  (USD 8.98 per month, billed quarterly) ¤
Premium - Annual USD 86.11  (USD 7.18 per month, billed annually) ¤

Or do you mean you chose the Quarterly plan? If not, then this is a problem you should submit to the billing support:


Billing support phone numbers

Toll-Free (US/Canada)




Our Billing team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Local Toll-Free numbers
  • France: 0805.101.490
  • Germany: 0800.664.5510
  • Japan: 0066.33.132.830
  • Portugal: 800.814.450
  • Spain: 800.300.560
  • UK: 0800.048.4646
  • Support is in English Only


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Hi Valerie, thanks for your help. I should have been more clear. I already paid the annual premium fee. The above listed amount that I am confused about is my monthly TIER, not the premium account fee. :)

I don't understand how I can 558 sqm left on the 25/month tier rate...it seems it should only be 46 sqm.

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Not really as confusing as it looks.


EDIT: Ah - I now see what you mean.  It looks like they made an error along the way?  It says that you are USING your 512 and you still have it available for use?  Only one can be correct. You might want to contact billing and get it worked out. If you don't make any changes it most likely won't matter though. If you are planning on tiering up, then getting it worked out first seems the best plan.


You are paying the $25 for the 4096 that you donated to the group.

You get 512 meters tier free with your premium membership.

By donating the land to the group you get 10%  BONUS tier and that makes up those extra 46 square meters .



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You are correct that the 46sqm is the right number, so you can ignore that or contact support to correct it.

It would be interesting to see the buy land page if you went to a 512 for sale and right-clicked to buy it, just to see if its has a green check mark or a big red cross for the tier level requirement. Even if it says you can buy it, I`m not sure I would risk it as LL may come along and correct the error at some point and you would end up paying for the extra land. :D

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4617 days.

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