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my account has been placed on hold


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I have a main account which has been placed on hold, I don't know how can i get it back unhold, i waited 4 months, and still on hold.. may some LindenLab unhold please? 

account name: Mn7oS Adder

i'll hope if some LindenLab unhold, thank you so much


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There are other ways to appeal apart from a ticket, which in your case, seems to have been overlooked or ignored. On the basis that it's more difficult to overlook or ignore a written appeal as distinct from a digital one, I suggest you write or fax Linden Lab.

Submitting an appeal

Linden Lab takes violations of the Second Life Terms of Service and Community Standards very seriously. The decision to apply a suspension or permanent closure for your Second Life account(s) is reached after investigation of your use of the Second Life software and service. Residents are not allowed to participate in the Second Life virtual world if their accounts have been suspended or disabled for violations of our Terms of Service.

However, if you can maintain in good faith that the violations were not due to your actions or negligence, or the actions or negligence of others working for you, you may appeal the suspension or closure of your account(s) in writing to the address below. Please provide any relevant information that you believe would explain the violations we detected. Linden Lab reserves sole discretion in considering whether to take any action on a written appeal. If you would like to appeal your warning or suspension, you may contact Second Life Support, in writing, at the address below:

Attn: Account Reviews: Appeals
Linden Lab
945 Battery Street
San Francisco, CA 94111

Or by fax: 415-651-9221

We also accept appeals filed electronically using the ticket submission process described above.

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A lot of headaches could be saved if the Lindens would tell people why they were put on hold.

No emails from them, not even in the spam folder?

I use gmail for some emails, and they have an online spam folder that catches some things before they even download and get further screened by my own spam filters. So I often have to go to their website and view my spam folder there as well if something I'm expecting never showed.


Read through the ToS in depth and see if there's anything there you might have violated - knowlingly or unknowingly. Easy catches tend to be use of a copy-stolen item. Especially if you had a lot of freebies that were fullperm that were of a quality which seemed to be above what ought to be free... or if finding the maker's shop inworld was not easy.

- Example, twice in 2010 a few hundred motion capture dances hit Marketplace that were made by two or three of the big dance animation shops. Pretty much everyone who bought those dance packs on Marketplace risked/risks having their account zapped at any moment.

An astute buyer could tell it was a fishy deal just by being not onl too good to be true, but inconsistent names in the dances suggesting it was compiled from more than one maker.

At the end of the day - builders in SL just don't tend to put out full-perm freebies very often, and almost never in compilations from multiple makers. So any such item should be avoided unless you track down the makers and get individual confirmation.


Other things that are common ways to get zapped involve griefing or improper conduct for the region in question. The second was more common when the A-land policy was just comming out. A lot of people were still running around havine open sex on public M-land, or using 'pseudo-gorean/BDSM collars on M-land' to get dragged around nude on a leash. And a lot others were ARing these things. BUT if you're in a legit sexual activity somewhere and your sim gets zapped, your AV can get ported to an infohub, sometimes still running the sex animation...

- and people might AR that.

Because its a ToS violation even though not your fault (and good luck if you also get ghosted like that, so that you can't even log in to fix it...).

- And this is one reason I keep arguing that infohub policies need to match region maturity rating... If not that, they need to Ruth anyone AFK in an infohub... which is a way more complex solution.

Did you wear something somebody gave you and then see some very odd things onscreen? Someone once gave me a hat which when I wore it turned out to be a giant teady bear humping my AV... but less fortunate people have found themselves wearing griefer tools that spam a region so hard so fast they crash everyone. You could have thus been AR'd and banned but not actually be the perp...


All of the above assumes you were an innocent victim... if not... then good luck trying to change LL's mind.


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4671 days.

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