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Latest Viewer Version (2.7.2?) constant crashing

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I can usually run maxed out graphics, everything enabled, AA on max with zero crashes, and 10 - 30 FPS (it's very sporadic, depending on the sim, some sims I just get balls out 2 FPS- like FFFC). But lately, since 2.7.2, on my main computer I just crash constantly, all the time. It's like every 10 minutes I'll just get a CTD and Windows 7 will do its crash report thing, and SL will do its crash report thing, and that'll be that. Then I boot it up, and a few minutes later, it happens again. It's different from the C++ runtime errors I usually get at really intense sims like InSilico, but it's just as annoying.

Anybody else experiencing these crashes too? I switched to beta viewer and I'm giving that a go now, but I can't even run shaders or duplicate the exact settings to see if the problem is fixed because the performance hit is so terrible with version 2.7.5, lol.

This is a computer that can run Crysis on high with very little FPS hit. Very frustrating when you crash on SL, with no visible performance issues or FPS drop before it happens. Just a sudden closure of the window, no explanation.

NFORCE 680i LT SLI motherboard

4096MB RAM, DDR2 or something like that I think

Windows 7 64 bit

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 2668 MB

Q6600 quadcore CPU thing 2.4GHZ

I wasn't sure if this was a known bug or something, so I wanted to come on here and see if someone knew what the issue was- if it was me, or the viewer. Thanks in advanced, guys.


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Second life esta imposible para jugar con los nuevos efectos de esta ultima version, el cliente se cae todo el tiempo

tengo una 580 GTX con una buena maquina y esta imposible para jugar por los constantes crashes.

Lo que pasa es que ese cliente esta demasiado obsoleto  pues le estan metiendo demasiadas cosas , el cliente de second life no usa SLI ni Crossfire, ni tampoco usa Dual Core Prosessor ni Quad ni nada,

Como es posible que la gente de second life programen el cliente con demasiado efectos y cosas y que no quieran optimizarlo para que el dichoso cliente funcione con las nuevas technolgias SLI y Crossfire en las tarjetas de videos y los Dual y QUAD en los proseadores?

Eso es como meterle un motor de 8 cilindors a un volkswagen.

In english version

yea, second life is impossible for play with this terrible last version, i have a crash and crash, i cant play

I have 580 GTX video card, before this update i play perfect the game , now not, i dont understand why second life dont use a SLI or crossfire system, the game dont use a dual core or quad prosessor system, we are in 2011 and this client is very obsolete with the new technology, sorry for my english, and i  am mad for this problem.:matte-motes-angry:

I post the solution for the crash in other post, but thats dont works now, the problem is the client, they need activate the sli and crossfire system and dual or quad mode in the second life client ,

The second life client have to much effects, lights, shadows and others improvements for a simple video card with out SLI or Crossfire or only one Prosessor, its to much for that, the programers be need activate the news technology in the client

Second life is similar to a Volkswagen with 8 cilinder motor inside.

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I test all night the second life crash problem and i find a solution for not more crashes, I download the new Phenix Firestorm ver Firestorm 2.5.1 (16671) Jun 14 201 and i set the shadows , lights and all effects to maximun and i dont have a crashes, i am happy because i can play second life with this client, but if i try to use the oficial second life viewer 2 i cant play for a constant crashes, 


to second life people take a notes why the Phoenix Firestorm client works perfect with the last updates with shadows and effects in on and the oficial second life viewer 2 no.

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I'm getting REDICULOUS crashing. Sometimes I can only stay on for a couple of minutes before I crash again. I've been checking my crash logs, and there's no outstanding errors that stand out to me. Client just randomly ends and goes to the crash logger.

Seems to get worse with the more avatars there are around me, or that I have in my camera view. I'm on build 2.7.6 (234849) . 


For me this is a show stopper. I seriously can't go anywhere but my skybox or I just immediately crash. Reinstalled SL, different video card drivers, even reformatted (needed to, anyway). Has to be faulty code somewhere. Either way it's getting rreeally old. 


CPU: i7 980x @ 4.4ghz
Ram: 12GB DDR3
Video Cards: 480gtx SLI (running SL with only one card) 

PS: Wouldn't it be cool if SL used half of that hardware? lol

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Ok seems it was a  dust build up on my cooling , the water block had a  blanket of dust on it so not cooling to the cpu when it got too hot it was crashing,as its summer time in some parts of the world open the beast up and clean out,i had to get the vacum cleaner to mine  was so bad.

All seems good so far no crashing yet anyway 

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Hello well I have trouble with second life .... from version 2.7 when I run the program simply does not load, but even gives me some kind of signal, now with Version 2.8 the same thing happens to me is not running Second Life, for now I'm using version 2.6 foronly this way I can still enter a second life ....

Please solve this problem my pc has installed windows 7 64bit

I quote the configuration of my pc

Second Life 2.6.1 (225680) Apr  4 2011 11:49:19 (Second Life Release)Notas de la versión
CPU: Intel® Core i5 CPU         750  @ 2.67GHz (2666.86 MHz)Memoria: 4087 MBVersión del Sistema Operativo: Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit  (Build 7600)Fabricante de la tarjeta gráfica: ATI Technologies Inc.Tarjeta gráfica: ATI Radeon HD 4650
Versión de Windows Graphics Driver: 8.17.0010.1083Versión de OpenGL: 3.3.10834 Compatibility Profile Context

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