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Do you have a Sakurasseria BBB Stamp or Venue?

Prokofy Neva

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I am making a 1950s style tourist pamphlet giver "Area Attractions" and I want to put some locations to visit. I am reopening "Blogging Outpost" where you can pick it up (and freebies) although it is still under construction.

I could not find a single resident or Mole stamp in Sakurasseria EXCEPT at the Shibu community center -- which is absolutely gorgeous, go visit if you have not yet. Did I miss any??

Also looking for any kind of clubs/galleries/bars or just a "house beautiful" open to the public.

Too many ban lines in these areas!

Gorgeous Mole pond here to enjoy. This one has a bench to sit on (unlike others).



Sakasurria Tourism.png


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8 hours ago, Sparkle Bunny said:

Sakura's one of the less popular themes, tbh. I could only find one Parade of Homes listing.

I wonder why that is. I thought that generally, Asian themes were popular in SL, judging from merchant events and so on. So I wonder why this is.

Do real Asian people find that it is a Disney-like notion of what is "Asian" and dislike it? I would love to hear from them.

Conversely, do non-Asian find it uncomfortable as not "familiar" enough from the themes they are used to?

I will venture a more mundane guess: while the overall look of this suburban village look is nice, a fair number of the lots are dogs.

In my first several times with a house in Sakurasseria, either a private home or one I made a venue for the SL Public Land Preserve, I thought "you can't go wrong in Sakurasseria". It seemed like it was very, very easy to get a waterfront house -- if you accepted that "waterfront" meant a canal. The canals had enough little parks in the middle of the waterways, and sweeping, majestic steps leading down to them in open areas, that they didn't seem cramped but interesting. 

I never felt my neighbours were on top of me if one part faced to a waterway, and the side was maybe a Linden road and a park, with maybe two sides "unprotected". To be sure, at my last waterfront house, I saw other green dots close by, and I wondered if they'd be annoyed by visitors using the chatGPT characters, if the chat went off my lot 96 meters. I never had any complates. You can now click an option to keep MOAP on your own parcel -- thank God, and I wish more people would click it. But chatting objects like a chatGPT character? No, it does not seem so from tests.

Still, the place seemed empty. I went on some "walkabouts" and didn't encounter anyone for miles, even with the houses rather close together.

And I think that's a problem -- the houses are very close together, and a lot of the styles are flat and one story, and that may make people feel more crowded than in a Victorian or a stilt.

Then this time, I tried a bit of "Game of Homes". With one account, you only get five tries -- and using another browser brand doesn't work any more to add to the 5. But you can get 2-3 alts going trying -- if you have the stamina and time, and I don't. But I tried a few evenings working the GoH front -- and I was surprised how awful most of the choices were -- AND how I kept getting those awful choices *again* on the alts, as if there was a short list of dogs that the Lindens were trying to unload.

Everyone has their own definition of what constitutes a good Belli home, and I think the Moles try to make as many "good" ones as possible with waterfronts, parks adjacent, easements, interesting geographical features. But the problem in Sakura is the urban features -- heavy roads, bridges, short stone walls -- kind of overwhelm the delicate Japanese feel when the lots have neighbours or even a corner street lot (which I usually accept). 

I think the biggest determinant for what makes a "good" Belli home is whether or not you feel your neighbours are on top of you. When people talk about "commuuuuunity" in Belli, they have to realize that it comes from affinity groups or general citizens' groups with activities like ferry rides -- NOT going over to immediate your neighbour's house to borrow a cup of sugar. You never see them or if you do, they scuttle away behind their ban lines to their skyboxes. 

In playing GoH, it was especially frustrating because some gorgeous 3 sides or even 4 sides protected lots kept getting a miss. That led me to wonder if the Lindens code some of the gems to be available essentially only to the Premium Plus account  where you can put in a ticket with a specific request. I avoided that temptation -- I have only one Premium Plus account I'm happy with mainly for the huge savings on texture uploads but also the 2048 Linden home with a Med -- but more than one would really be an unnecessary expense.

And...I wonder if the Moles feel they have the flexibility, if an area isn't selling, to simply tear up an entire sim, even if it means having to move some people out (but some appear entirely empty), and starting over with more ponds, waterways, parks or something to make them more desirable.

After many log cabins and campers with glacial ponds or other types of ponds nearby, I thought I didn't care, but the Mole pond in Sakurasseria is so beautiful, that a lot even with neighbours chock full around me, the pond in the back was a real selling point. It has bamboo shoots and delicate flowers and a nice benh. 


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 95 days.

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