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Looking for a good sailboat that I can set to public use

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I've got this great river spot, and so while I love my sailboat, I'd really like a low LI one I could set to be useable by anyone who happened to come upon it and wanted to sail away for a bit.

Especially if I end up with a boathouse or stilt house some time later on.

There's a motorcycle in the background that anyone can ride off with, and a neighbor has an animesh horse set up for public use. But all the boats I find with really good sailing systems seem to be owner-use only. You can assign crew to take over while you're sailing with them, but not let people just sail off with a copy.

(For both my motorcycle and the boat, I have a thing that replaces them after a few minutes of them being gone. NOT a banned-in-linden-homes temp-rezzer, but a perm rez if the item is missing on the 5 minute mark).




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