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Can you hide entities/attachments on Other avatars?



So this is a long shot but i figured id ask.
Is there any way to hide objects or entities that another persons avatar has?


For example; they have a piece of clothing or an object or some kind of added on entity that is attached to their avatar but its causing lag / frame rate drops  or is causing other problems, and you want to hide that particular item so that it will improve performance (or what ever other reason you may have for needing to hide it).
The catch is that I don't want to adjust anything in the options menu as it may also hide things that are ok or aren't causing problems.

I know that i can adjust some of the graphics settings to do that but it will usually effect the entire avatar.

If anyone knows a way to hide objects and items on avatars that are not yours then let me know or if there is something i would need to download to do that

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