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Lots of billing problems, incorrect buying limit?


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Alright so I wanted to buy some L today for the first time, put in my card information, went to buy the L....and ran into some problems.


Problem 1: Incorrect Buying Limit

According to Linden Labs, for an avatar 8 days or older, $300 worth of L can be bought. But for me, it still seems to think I'm a baby, 0 to 1 days old! I am 10 days old in reality.

Proof of my avatar's age -----> http://i295.photobucket.com/albums/mm150/darkangelofsadnesskayley/shot2-1.jpg

Proof of incorrect spending limit (the highlight says I'm only 0 to 1 days old) -----> http://i295.photobucket.com/albums/mm150/darkangelofsadnesskayley/shot1-1.jpg


So I frown and I lower the amount I want to buy to $30. I originally wanted to buy 49.00 worth. But then a new issue.


Problem 2: Update Pending

It still refuses to let me buy, for under my card information it says update pending. How long does the usual update take? A day? A week?


So I find out that I can upgrade how much I can buy in a day by submitting a tier request ticket to LL. Sounds great. So I go to submit a ticket.


Problem 3: Cannot Submit Ticket

I don't know if this is a browser problem or another LL problem, but when I went to submit a ticket, the third part (where you type in the information and submit) never appeared. I would show a screen shot of this, but my browser is slow and not cooperating.


Soo...now what? >.>



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Ok 3 questions costs more but I'll give you a bargain just this once :smileytongue:

Problem 1:  Buying limit is not based on the age of your account (or avatar)  It is based on the first time you use the LindenX system.  So if this is the first time, you are at the 0 day limit.

Problem 2:  Update pending means that the credit card information hasn't been verified.  This could take time or this could be because you are trying to use a credit card that isn't accepted by LL.  For example many prepaid cards are not accepted.

Problem 3:  Sounds like maybe a compatibility issue with your browser.  Recommend using a different browser.  Firefox is works pretty good with this website.  IE not so good.  Others ??? who knows.


Finally, if you still have problems with the credit card thingee, give Billing a call.  They are open 24/7 and have multiple toll free numbers listed in the Help.


Billing support phone numbers
Toll-Free (US/Canada)

Our Billing team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Local Toll-Free numbers

France: 0805.101.490
Germany: 0800.664.5510
Japan: 0066.33.132.830
Portugal: 800.814.450
Spain: 800.300.560
UK: 0800.048.4646
Support is in English Only

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In addition to all of Cinn`s perfect answers,

I can confirm that the #3 is a browser problem. I had it myself the other day using Firefox and it worked first time on IE, which is weird because as Cinn says its usually IE that sucks lol

Also for #2, it seems to be a common problem lately and after some further investigation by some people that have called their banks about the delays, it appears that the banks are waiting for LL to send the "test" charges to them, this is usually a $1 charge they make to test the card validiity. When these people have called the Billing number, they seem to change the subject when accused of it being their fault lol

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I have the same issues with billing, nor my paypal nor visa are working since the 22th of may '11, despite the fact I used both for the last 4 years without any problem ..... even got to a point I had to buy lindens yesterday from company X and transferred those back into US$ so I have a reserve to pay my upcoming mainland tier this monday :smileysad: *meows*

(PS. I called the billing dept 20x, but only get some explanation about what happened, but not a solution!)


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