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  1. I bet this has been heard a lot, perhaps from moaners and complainers and people who got ticked off and vented... But I have a child avatar. An orphan. And I have nowhere to go to roleplay but daycares and a few general meeting spots. I see a nice, cool looking RP, full of adventure and fun, but when I get there I realize there's sex invovled so a child avvie would of course not be involved...and this is when I'm searching for PG only places. Is there any place out there that you know of where a child can be allowed to go on an adventure or tread into darker territory (no, not sex or dru
  2. Alright so I wanted to buy some L today for the first time, put in my card information, went to buy the L....and ran into some problems. Problem 1: Incorrect Buying Limit According to Linden Labs, for an avatar 8 days or older, $300 worth of L can be bought. But for me, it still seems to think I'm a baby, 0 to 1 days old! I am 10 days old in reality. Proof of my avatar's age -----> http://i295.photobucket.com/albums/mm150/darkangelofsadnesskayley/shot2-1.jpg Proof of incorrect spending limit (the highlight says I'm only 0 to 1 days old) -----> http://i295.photobucket.com/albums/mm150/d
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