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3 minutes ago, Jinjarah said:

Am I able to make an alt for Lindens and can I send the lindens to my main with the same card I use on my main account? Will that be an issue?

You can make an alt and send L$ back and forth.  You can use the same card on both accounts or you can just buy the L$ on one account and send them to the other account.

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2 minutes ago, Jinjarah said:

I just have a limit on my main acc and I have things I want to do that is all

All new accounts have limits.  Yes you can create an alt, buy L$ on that account using the same card, and sent the L$ to your main --- and you will not get in trouble.

The limits are there to help keep you from getting into any financial trouble right away.


Also - your limits will increase over the first 30 days until they are at the max -- and that should be plenty for you.

You can watch your limits here:  https://accounts.secondlife.com/lindex/economic_limits


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