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On 9/20/2020 at 7:45 PM, Alwin Alcott said:

great... next to the zillion facebook trackers here we also need to share google what we do, spend and tell... "..... your account is still safe...." sure.

Been having a great deal of difficulty logging into SL (either via viewer or into forums) ever since I installed a more granular domain IP blocker to block the google data mining wh0re servers/tracking cookies.  If I'm interpreting my ip blocker correctly, it turns out each time I try to log in (or try to TP if I do get it by temporarily approving an as yet unidentified as google-tainted halliburton or amazonaws ip) the log is littered with attempts by either a Google domain or a Fastly (owned by who else, Google) domain. WTF is with that?  There is NOTHING secure about having the intrusive snoops at Google collecting every bloody thing we do on line and lumping it in with all the other stuff their AI has to play with to build dossiers, complete with our email addies, bank info, etc.  Am I reading this correctly????  Have we been sold out because google's witch lured the lindens into the oven with tempting/"free" gingerbread cookies?

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Hey y'all! We're aware of some funky freshness on the Community site and are digging into it.   Thank you for all of the information so far!

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Enjoy your lurkin'!  

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