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llGetTimeOfDay and EEP

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In my region, some objects use llGetTimeOfDay() to determine whether or not things like lights should be on or off.

EEP day cycles can have varying day lengths, offsets etc. how will this effect llGetTimeOfDay()?

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Rider Linden has a thread in the EEP forum which outlines the LSL hooks. According to that, llGetTimeOfDay should be EEP aware.



Nov 08, 2018

Gets the number of seconds, with sub-second precision, since environmental midnight.  llGetTimeOfDay returns this value for the current parcel, llGetRegionTimeOfDay returns the seconds since midnight for the entire region.


float llGetTimeOfDay()
float llGetRegionTimeOfDay( )



This function previously assumed a 4 hour day.  Day length is now configurable for regions and parcels.


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Take good look at the scripting example in the wiki section that Fenix just mentioned.  It's lovely and simple.  I've played with it quite a bit recently, as Qie and others have too.  The new EEP controls allow us to mess with the length of the day and also offer a much better way to decide when to toggle streetlights on and off.  It's all quite fun.  Remember, of course, that individual SL residents can always choose to override the shared environment settings -- that is, they can ignore EEP settings and just set their personal view to Midday or whatever.  

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