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Group bonus of 1024

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If i were to downgrade my tier to just premium.
What size would i need to own a 1024m parcel with 10% group bonus.

1126m? Im not so sure how to calculate that being one square is 16m..


thanks in advance,



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Your initial calcs are correct:   1024 + 102 = 1126.  However, plot measurements have to be in multiples of 4 meters (hence the 16 sqm as the smallest), so the 1120 sqm that ChinRey posted is the closest you'll get to the 1126 value.   Parcel sizes to give you that would be 20x56 or 28x40 (or 8x140, but nobody would want that).   Neither of those sizes would be considered standard or easily found.  However, if you find yourself an Abandoned Land location, LL will typically cut a parcel of one of those sizes for you.

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