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Looking for a builder



I would like to apologize if I am sending this request on this form.  I am new and quite frankly, this is somewhat confusing.  That said:


I just joined Second Life (Username: ColdCrux). And I have a problem, I am trying to post for help in your community, but I keep getting notified that I don't have access.  Before I signed up for Second Life, I was told that I could seek help or builders in the community section, but I am not able to seek advice.

My request for assistance is as follows:

I am scheduled to speak @TEDx in September, but due to COVID, the event may not be live but virtual.  I want to make my entire speech as if I was inside a video game.

Please excuse my terminology; I am not familiar with the exact terms used for this type of project so, bear with me.  For example, I just discovered the term "live-animation." 

What I want to do maybe a "game-changer." " I am a keynote speaker, and like everyone else, I have been speaking virtual due to Covid-19.

So here is what I hope to do.  I want to make a presentation, but instead of sitting in front of a camera/webcam, speaking to people and delivering my virtual lecture, with my slides in the background...


I want to make my lecture as if I were on stage in a video game.  I want to take my likeness & voice and put it on a digital/animated stage with a digital/animated audience and digital/animated theater.

I saw a television show (NBC's The Blacklist) where the actors, because of COVID, did most of the show in the arrangement of a video game.

Does this make sense?  I am not familiar with the graphics within the video game culture and was wondering if this concept of my can or will work?

The project does not have to be "live-animation." " Therefore, if you can assist me with this matter or point me in the direction, it would be appreciated.

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Two things: 
1) This will be better off in the Wanted section
2) Starting the same thread in multiple sub-forums is considered a no-no here. 

You should 'report' this post (see below) and ask the Moderator to move it to the Wanted forum.  You should then report your other two threads and ask the Moderator to remove them or merge them with the 'Wanted' one if anyone replies. 

To report a post, hover over the upper right corner of the post and click Report Post. Type in your comments and submit it.


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Hi, ColdCrux!

It sounds to me as if what you want to do could be accomplished in a green screen studio.  This is something that is entirely outside of Second Life.  (The alternative that uses SL would be to create an avatar that looks like your Real Life self.  As it turns out, this is a lot harder).

There are many combinations of hardware and software that can composite a camera image of yourself into an imaginary environment.  Here is just one, and their ad may give you a better idea of how the process works.


To get a good result, you should consult with a video professional.  Do a search in your local area for "video production companies".

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