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Cindy's right, but I have some additional points for you to think about.

  • You don't need a job in Second Life.
  • Jobs that are "easy" won't make you very much money.
  • Most employers won't hire you until you've been in SL a month or more, and understand how things work here.
  • Most jobs don't feature regular pay.  You work for tips.
  • There are three ways to make money in SL (excluding, of course, scams):
    • Creating content...clothing, hair, buildings, vehicles, animations, scripts, etc.
    • Renting land to other residents
    • Various services, such as exotic dancer, escort, club host, DJ, photographer.
  • The first two require up-front investment, in terms of money, time, and/or acquiring skills.  The third is made up of the "jobs" you're looking for.
  • You shouldn't do anything in SL primarily to make money.  We're using our "free time" here, and you shouldn't do anything with your precious free time that you don't enjoy.  Do what you love, and if it makes a little money too, that's simply a bonus.
  • Almost all SL jobs, including ones that can make a relatively large amount of money, pay less than you could make in RL for similar work.  It's a more effective use of your time to work in RL, and use a bit of what you make to buy $L for having fun in Second Life.
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