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unless we get employed in a RL capacity by some large vendor of SL services then we can't get enough paid work within SL to compensate us for work similar to  RL. And the availability of this level of paid work (the number of jobs) is scarce

this said

many people find that learning the skills necessary for creating experiences and stuff to sell in Second Life can be a way forward for them

they learn how to make stuff. Blender for mesh and animations, Gimp for textures, are good and free tools to begin with. Scripting in LSL is also free to learn. Lots of LSL scripting help on the Second Life wiki, and also lots of complete script examples and tutorials to learn from can found with google. Same for building inworld with prims, Blender mesh, Gimp textures, etc

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I am one of those RL Virtual World Companies, what do you have to offer?

I am looking to hire several SL staff for my projects.

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