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  1. You can buy atm's on the marketplace and use them for your alts to get money from your main https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/ASD-ATM-Server-Single-Version-Lets-Alts-Employees-WithdrawDeposit-Money-Bank-Account/183032 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/LazyGuy-ATM-Server/5144531 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/My-lower-Avatars-Your-alts-friends-ATM-Box/4461685
  2. You could have an realy expensive pc with an GeForce RTX 2080 TI and you could lag your ass off in second life. Depending on your settings and where you are
  3. Depending on what and where you bought it, there are vendor systems that keep track on your purchase and deliver them later, or you can try to get an redeliver. when it's not possible to deliver the item, you get automatically your money back. otherwise ask the creator of the item with the transaction id, if he or she can deliver it again
  4. you need to make that file executeable. then you should be able to start it with ./firestorm
  5. Im also interessted in the dancer job with the option to escort maybe later. Also send you an im 😃
  6. Depending on what body you are wearing, there are several options to flaten the chest. For Maitreya there's the V-Tech Boi https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/V-TechBoi-Flat-Chest-Mod-For-Maitreya-Mesh-Body-V5-ONLY/10055283 For Belleza there's the Simple Stuff Chest, you can find it inworld here (I guess) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hologram/119/156/37 For Slink there's the Petite chest augment, you can find it here (Also i didnt check this landmark) https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Slink/22/124/22
  7. Also maybe an rightclick -> copy to inventory may work. then it depends on what you clicked, it's located in the proper folder. an object in your object folder, an notecard in your notecard folder, and so on
  8. what kind of blog and where/which account is locked? the second life account or the blog account? normaly you can just open an blog on wordpress, or host your own and start with it
  9. Welches Bento Foto? (Which Bento foto) Du musst dazu eine Bento Pose von einem Hersteller kaufen und benutzen. (You have to buy and use an bento pose from an shop) Das Foto gehört dir, wenn du es selbst machst, oder es jemand anderes macht und dir gibt. (The picture is yours, when you make it, or when someone else makes it and gives it to you) Wie was funktioniert? Die Bento Pose? Siehe Antwort 2 (How what works? The Bento Pose? See answer number two) Von den gegebenen Informationen sind das die besten Antworten, die ich geben kann. (From the given information, those are the best answers i can give)
  10. from the land i sold, or from all parcel's like said?
  11. for me it's kind of strange, that it takes so long. again. from the last info they gave, when the first dmca happend, there was an mail where they said that they heared nothing for 10 days after the counter notice, so they can sell the heads again. so shouldnt it take about 14 days to one month then, and not about 3 month? even in times of corona.
  12. Also note that the latop is running windows 10 in s mode. there you can only install apps from the windows app store. you're only able to install other apps, when you disable the s mode. and yes, the specs are very low. you would only be able to play sl with around 5-10 fps (when it would start) .... wouldnt be fun
  13. oOJoselinOo


    Hört sich nach einen Bot an, der für diese Seite genutzt wird http://www.gridsurvey.com/ Ist keine offizielle Seite von Lindenlab. Deshalb werden Bots benötigt, um die Server zu "testen"
  14. I am interested and also send you an message inworld hope the club will open soon 😃
  15. sounds like you need to play around with the tattoos. maybe apply them in an different order on some viewers you can also change the order of the different layers. on firestorm you can click appearance and then edit outfit. there you can change the order of the different tattoo layer
  16. Rez in Second Life means to create or to make an object appear. Rezzing an object/prim can be done by dragging it from a resident's inventory or by creating a new one via the edit window. The term "rezzing" can also be used for waiting for a texture or object to load, such as "Everything is still rezzing." or "Your shirt is still rezzing for me." Taken from the movie Tron's term "de-rezz", which roughly means to dissolve in a certain way. Temporary (on Rez) is an object state/parameter/property that will delete the object after a set period of time (varies; see link below for more info). Found that on google search ..... kind of funny but explains it good. like the others here 😃
  17. for me it's like @Maitimo said. Close friends know alot about me. But the rest only the land where i am living at and my rl age maybe. But most of those who start an conversation and then directly want to know more about my rl stop talking to me, as soon as i tell them i am an rl guy (shrugs)
  18. Looks like the Paws - Alpha Dog Head to me https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Paws-Alpha-Dog-Head-Boxed/4363357 But best way is like @Chic Aeon said to write and ask the person on the photo 😃
  19. only idea i have is maybe to change the cable from your connection
  20. @Selene Gregoire thank you very much 😃
  21. I will make it quick and dirty Are there any jobs out there, that dont require voice verification when you want to be an dancer and/or stripper? When you have one to offer, feel free to message me here or inworld 😃 PS.: Maybe also looking for an job as textescort.
  22. it's fixed when it's fixed =D
  23. when you scroll down you see that there are more posts then the last "may 4" ..... i think those you mentioned are those, that are still not resolved like the "increased ticket volume"
  24. ich würde sagen es ist richtig. da sehr viele momentan das problem haben sich ein zu loggen auch wenn der gridstatus erst sehr spät aktualisiert wurde
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