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Abuse of IP Infringement

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I have had a listing removed and was cited IP infringement.

I have been selling a product called SLAVTracker for 9 years now and have had it removed from marketplace with IP infringement cited.
Who do I contact about this issue?
How do I find out what IP is claimed to be infringed?


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I don't think anybody on the forum would be able to tell you - only LL can (as we can't see your listing either now to see if there was anything that stuck out).  

Who to contact - LL
How to find out - you should have gotten an email from them.

Perhaps raise a support ticket as you should have got an email with the details on it?  

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I didn't get any email at all, nothing.
When I logged into my merchant home, all I saw was a banner notification that an item was 'Removed under our Intellectual Property Policy'
There was no other explanation, any idea how I get into contact with marketplace support?
I'm so annoyed I had 9 years worth of overwhelmingly positive reviews.

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I doubt it would have been due to DMCA per the link Bigmoe kindly shared.  
When you are the recipient of a notice you must receive said notice so you able to counter file if you believe you own the copyright.  That still could be the case, but you must contact LL to get them to send you a copy in case your spam folder ate it etc or it got lost en-route to you.

I personally think It sounds almost more like you have infringed upon LL's general policy.

e.g. if you used "SL" in your product name..... (that's their trademark and has rules around how you can use it)  
These are their rules to check to see if you were following them (it's a bit of a long read!) https://secondlife.com/corporate/brand/trademark/sl_insl.php#guidelines
or perhaps there was something in the product description or product itself that fell afoul of their IP policy.  Nobody here can tell you per above.

Solution: Raise a Support Ticket I mention in my post above,  You can raise a support ticket by going to Secondlife.Com - click Help, then Support, then Raise a Support Ticket - right hand side.  You can ask for them to send you specifically what you infringed upon and ask if there is a DMCA takedown and if so can they resend you a copy of it and provide your email address so you can counterfile if relevant.


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