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after the report (complete)


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4 hours ago, dofvm123 said:

I like Second Life very much.
However, Second Life's membership policy continues to be abused by one person. 

I called him, but he's searching my ID and swearing.

To the person who has been reported, the ID of the person who has reported it is the user name.
I don't want you to see it so it won't be searched.

I've seen more unspeakable abuse.
It's hard to play games in a basic way.

If you can't change your subscription policy,
I'd like to make sure that the information of the caller, the user who reported it, is not leaked or searched.

It is because if you report, you will be able to sign up and damage the person who has multiple e-mail accounts easily. 

Not even a user with a block. 

It's a game where you can't change your user name or ID.
I don't want you to be able to verify the profile of the search and leak protection.

For your information, I have also received an unspeakable slur in the past four months.

I really want to enjoy the game with pleasure.

Or, let me change the user name... 
I don't want to be hurt anymore. ...

I am not sure if you realise it but you are posting in a public resident forum and not contacting Linden Lab directly.  You need to click on the CONTACT SUPPORT link on every forum page.  If you have filed an Abuse Report on someone, LL do not tell you the result of that but will look into all the information carefully before taking furher action.  For the rest of your post regarding a subscription policy,  I have no idea what you mean here.  

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We are not Linden Lab.  This forum is for advice from residents, to other residents.

When you report abuse, Linden Lab does not reveal any information about you to the person you reported.  When you are logged in to Second Life, use the Help > Report Abuse command in your viewer.

If someone is swearing at you, or annoying you in any way, open their profile and click Block.  They will no longer be able to send you IMs, you won't hear them in local chat, and any inventory items they try to send you will be automatically refused.  If you own or rent land, use About Land > Access to put them on the land's ban list.

You cannot change your user name, but if you feel you simply must have a new identity to escape this person, you can create another Second Life account, and use the new account instead.  We call this "making an alt", an alternate account.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1342 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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