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Department Heads for Poli Project


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Hello Everyone!

I am looking for people who have experience in SIM/ group RP management. I am starting a new Political/Government themed project that will have a bit of role play in it but for the most part will heavily be involved in managing the finances, policies, infrastructure and running of sim and group. I will be financially backing the group as far as purchasing the land, financing the group but I would like the main council to start making decisions from the start from the budgets to what land we need to buy, activities, what infrastructure is needed, political involvement and so forth.

The group will have full autonomy over the finances, rules, development and every aspect of the project. 

I therefor am looking for a handful of people to act as the first council (Council of Ministers) in order to get things up and started with decision making. Each member of the council will manage the budget for there respective department and vote on each matter that comes before it. The following positions I am Immediately looking to fill before I sit down with the council as a whole are as followed with a description.


Councillor for Land and Development: This position requires someone with a understanding of the land transaction system here in SL as well as building up a SIM, LS , building and scripting. NOT saying that this person will be responsible for building and scripting the sim but anything that is needed for the sim Infrastructure, scripting, terraforming, or building this councillor would be the go to and oversee these areas. Position would entail scouting out different land's for possible purchase and comparing them to the needs of the group. Act as dominant person on council for these matters and have the ability to handle the budget for there respective department. 

Councillor for Political Development: This position requires someone with a understanding of government/political affairs as well as some knowledge of role playing. While the main Idea of the sim is to develop a mock government to run a sim and it's land as opposed to traditional management, some elements of Role Play will be incorporated here. The head of this department must be knowledgable in political affairs and will be tasked with developing the political infrastructure of the project. 

Councillor for Finances & Budget: This position requires a candidate to have experience in running some form of financial venture in the past, wether it be a club, RP group or sim that involved finances and profit. This position will be charged with overseeing the treasury and budget of the group as well as planning out monthly expenses, pay roll, and purchases of the group. This department will be handling the receipt book of the group so prior experience in financial management is a must.

Councillor for Public Affairs & Outreach: This position requires someone who has a outgoing personality and experience in event planning is heavily favored. This department will be charged with creating awareness of the group and planning public events as well as reaching out to established political forums already in SL with the goal of recruiting other participants into the project. This department will be the go to between people interested in the project as well as shaping the list of activities and involvement available to group members. This position is tasked with getting across the general message, Ideas and overall goal of the project to it's members and prospective clients.


These position are the ones I see as necessary for the first meeting however, the council may decide to create news council positions. These positions will also be paid and this pay will be set by the council themselves however I would ask that anyone interested in these position take interest in the project and not just the pay

Also, excuse the newbie-ness of this account. I have been playing SL for almost 15 years but its been awhile and I forgot the password to my old account sadly but I assure you I am not a noob. Anyone interested please contact me In-world and drop a note that includes the following.

  • Name
  • Position Interested in?
  • Experience which qualifies you for the position?
  • SL or RL skills that would make you a better fit for the role?
  • Time zone and time availability?
  • Management or Budget experience?
  • Any interest or experience in political affairs?
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Hi moll

I dont have a specific era of time period imagined. I think the focus would be to develope and expirement to see how a group in the format of a government/politicsl structure could manage things. I envision any kind of SL residents, regardless of there species or anything else being fully able to participate.


However I want to leave the development and future up to the group itself.

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11 hours ago, animats said:

It's been done, and quite successfully. The Confederation of Democratic Simulators is celebrating their 15th anniversary in Second Life. They own six sims, which are run by officials elected by the members. They have a constitution and laws. The area is worth a visit. It's German-Swiss in style.

Im aware :)

i just have some different Ideas then them. Always room for diversirty. 

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1341 days.

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