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Hi All,

My avi is sometimes a huge musclegod and, where in the real world, bodybuilders measure their biceps, chest, quads, etc, I was hoping to find a way to do that in SL. Does anyone know of an item I can buy that would do that? Like a measuring tape that could wrap around my biceps/chest/quads? Thanks in advance!

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I'm not aware of any flexible "tape measure" in SL.

You may be able to get an exact measurement by exporting your shape and loading it into Blender.  Then you could use Blender's tools to wrap a band around parts of your avatar, and measure it.

I'm not sure I'd want to go to that much trouble.  You can, I think, get an approximate measurement by:

  • Stand on a pose stand
  • Make a flat prim with a hollow center
  • Edit the prim to lie over your body part (e.g., biceps) so that your arm is through the hole
  • Edit the hole and/or prim dimensions so it's as close a fit as possible
  • Measure the diameter of the hole, multiply by pi (3.14) to get the circumference.

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