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Hihi Everyone,

My Blender (2.8) seems to be incapable of exporting rigged mesh/animations properly.

Animation: I can import a base skeleton to Blender, model around it, animate it, and everything is fine. When I upload the .bvh to SL it either animates backwards, upside down, or completely deforms my avatar.

Mesh: Everything works perfectly in Blender. The mesh moves with the bones and I can animate it without problems. When I upload the mesh it looks okay in the uploader. When I attach it to my avatar, it is deformed horribly - sometimes inside out. If I have it set to include joint positions it deforms my avatar.

If I check an animation from 2.79 in BVH Hacker, it looks fine. If I open the same file in 2.8 and export it, BVH Hacker just shows a blob of red that has some motion around the edges. I've tried every different XYZ setting to try and fix it but nothing has worked.

Is there a new plugin I am missing? Or maybe I have overlooked a setting somewhere?

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Perhaps get in touch with Gaia over at  Blender Developers ?


Below is from:       https://devtalk.blender.org/t/testing-collada-for-blender-2-80/7693




I have been working on the Collada importer and exporter for quiet a long time now and added a few missing features like

  • sampled animation exports
  • skeletal animation exports as curves
  • global axis transform upon export
  • Fixes for old and long lasting bugs.

Now i am about done with the most part of it, so i guess its time to do some “real life” testing. And i am sure there is still a lot todo since i have only tested simple cases so far. Maybe you can find the time to do some more meaningful testing ?

The most complicated part of the thing is for sure the animation exporter and importer, so getting this tested in more depth would be awesome.

The most recent version of the Collada module is in master now and should be in the daily builds today or tomorrow. Any feedback is very appreciated. Please report failures even for the most simple tests. Those issues tend to be overlooked most :slight_smile:

Special note for Secondlife users

The Collada exporter for Blender 2.80 now can export Armatures which have been created in Blender’s native orientation (character looking towards negative Y) You would set the Global Orientation panel:!

  • -X Forward (yes, minus is correct!)
  • Z Up
  • Apply Global Orientation (enabled)

See image below:

Some more details are here:

https://avastar.guru/knowledge/blender-2-8-news/ 3

Happy testing

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1455 days.

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