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Sound notifications on local chat


I had the normal SL Viewer, the one you can download from the official page of Second Life. It started working really really slow and crashing a lot, so I tried installing Firefox. It's true it goes smoother now, but I can't get the sound notifications every time someone writes something on local chat. I'm talking about the so annoying beep (but so necessary for me when I have another window open or I'm AFK) that sounds on every single message on local chat, not just private messages.

Does anyone know how to get that sound notification on local chat? Or any recommendations about viewers who allow to play them (apart from the official SL Viewer)?

Thanks :) 

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I poked around a bit but couldn't find anything to help you in the Firestorm viewer (which I think you meant, rather than Firefox, which is a web browser).

However, I would highly suggest that you join the inworld Firestorm support group and ask them as they will know for sure.  Group link - paste it in your chat window to get a direct link to the group if you don't want to search: Firestorm Support English


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