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Gimmie your unisex or Curvy mesh body recs.

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In my never-ending quest for the best mesh body for myself, I've come to you dear forum goers. You see, There's two things I want. one: A nice body where I can wear a good range of clothing from either gender and being able to represent myself in all of my chubby/curvy/muffiny glory.

Now  Avatar 2.0/kemono would be  amazing for this..

..If you could Adjust the dang sliders on kemono and  if they acted a bit more noticeably for 2.o D= (and also if they where omega friendly..but I am a small muffin that does not have enough brain juice for texture editing ok) 

So I ask of you,  dear fourm-goers. What Flat-chest-enabled  mesh bodies do ya'll recommend and any curvy ones (that also have a flat chest) would you recommend that have the least issue with fitting into differently gendered clothing then it's base?


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Maitreya with V-Tech chest

Slink HG with the flat chest add-on

Tonic Curvy with the flat chest add-on

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