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Looking for a definitive answer.

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Id like a definitive answer if at all ossible to one question really. 

Is a camping chair legal to have in SL.  I already know if its sat upon by ones own bots or bots in general it is not.  What if it is used by players?

What about money tree?  Are they legal to use?  If on a short timer with a limit on the money and you had to chase the leaf down to get it?

TOS is overbloated to read thru.  By the way //// the enitre Second Life website and its conjunctive Forums, Blogs, Knowledgebase and Answers are disjointed and difficult to find answers on.  Worst website layout / navigation I have seen in a long long time. 

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I don't think you will find a "definitive" answer here as none of us have official status.


Both money trees and camping chairs WERE legal for many many years. The reason that you don't see them any longer is that they offer little use to the sponsor of said items. Long ago TRAFFIC was a big determination of placement in search. Hence folks went to great lengths to get people to come and stay in their shops and sims.


That is no longer much of a part of the rating system (the actual criteria for search ratings is private and not published) so no one has them any longer. I can't remember seeing a money tree OR a camping chair in years.


There may still be a few out there. I am guessing the trees don't really have money in them (a typical thing in their last years).   I have seen a few camp for products chairs around.

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When LL changed how they deal with traffic, I went to a meeting for official SL Solution Providers ( I am onr) and was told the following by Lindens there.  I have to assume this is still true since I have not heard of a change.

Anything like a lucky chair or camping or other things designed to draw people to your place to boost traffic and your land is in search is considered to be gaming traffic and illegal. 

However it is legal to put things like this on a parcel not in search.  Some shop owners will carve out a separate parcel right under objects like this.

Rewards such as group gifts are ok too.

Basically, if your land is in search, your traffic must be actual people (not bots) that come there to shop or whatever the general purpose of the land is, while they are on that land. 

You can be AR'd by people for gaming traffic.  Also LL can and will investigate on it's own too, although the Lindens would not say how they decided where and when to investigate to prevent gaming of what they use.

Traffic used to be the sole thing that ranked a place in search but that has changed.  Now traffic plays just a part in it and other things are as important.  To learn more about search rankings and how they work read this


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2276 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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