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Ridiculous Maturity level triggers


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Not sure if there is a thread like this already - I couldn't find one.

Everybody are hereby invited to share their most ridiculous forced maturity level changes on MP. I've heard so many marvelous examples of involuntary comedy here, let's collect them all!

I'm afraid my own is rather bland though. I have this doorway that measures 3.52x4.2 m. Unfortunately I completely forgot to include the height in the description so it said:

  • 3.52x m

That was too heavy for the MP software so it instantly changed the maturity rating from G to M.



Forgot to mention that size matters here. I made the same error on several listings and can report:

  • 1.7x m - G rated
  • 2x m - G rated
  • 2.1x m - G rated
  • 2.8x m - G rated
  • 3.52x m - That's too naughty!!!

(How could I do the same silly mistake over and over again? It wasn't really me, it was my automagic MP listing text generating script! Except of course I wrote that script myself...)

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Pamela Galli wrote:

My bars display liquor bottles, so they have to be M. That means LL thinks that ones grandmother would be offended if she walked into a Red Lobster or Chili's and merely saw liquor bottles. :mansurprised:

:o You don't bring your grandmother to places like that do you???

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Whirly Fizzle wrote:

You should report that trigger word in a

I was going to post some snide remark about JIRAs in general but then I thought better of it. I'm afraid I'm going to take this thread into a far more serious direction than intended.

Because, strange as it may sound, I don't think I want them to fix it.

I think I better explain:

There are some very obvious facts we often forget when we complain about the Linden Commerce Team: The people associated with it are:

  • Highly qualified
  • Very service minded
  • Hard working

Yet they don't seem to achieve very much.

If you read through the old threads on this forum you'll find lots of examples of serious issues that have remained unresolved for years. Not the kind of thoughtless complaints all web forums are filled up with but serious issues raised by serious people and supported by well founded arguments. We have to ask why there is such a disproportion between the obvious amount of effort spent and the even more obvious lack of results.



There is a common anti-pattern called "Coding by exception", Wikipedia defines it as "Adding new code to handle each special case as it is recognized". (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anti-pattern)

Coding by exception is extremely time consuming and it gets worse and worse as the system becomes cluttered with more and more exceptions. I think this is the main reason why the maintenance and development of the Marketplace is so inefficient.

So. It would be nice to have better maturity rating filters of course but it shouldn't be fixed on a word-by-word basis, it's the basic algorithms that need to be changed. Or to put it another way: fix the illness, not the symptoms.

It's hardly a matter they should spend a second of time on at this stage anyway. There sure are plenty of more important and more urgent issues to sort out.

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Awww, that's a cute picture! ^_^

It's quite a lot more than grumpiness though. If you have experience with MP and other internet merchant channels to compare it with, you know that the quality of service at MP is much lower than what you' usually expect. Linden Lab certainly seems to recognise this; they would have loved to charge 20, 25 or even more percents like others do but they know they can't. There must be a reason for this and although I can't swear the explanation I gave here is correct, I can't think of any other plausible ones. Can you?

Or maybe we should leave that for some other time. This is supposed to be a fun thread, not a serious discussion. I've actually managed to threadjack my own thread here! Sorry.


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2749 days.

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