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land costs


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You only need to be a premium member to get land directly from Linden Lab on the mainland. You can rent directly from estate owners, which are people that have purchased land from Linden Labs directly. The prices for rentals vary greatly but are typically in the range of 1.3 up to 2 Linden dollars per prim that you rent. You can also become an estate manager / owner by buying your own region from Linden Lab. There is a start-up fee for this of between 100 + $600 us and the monthly fee of $295 us for a full region and $12

5 for homestead region.

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the fact is that second life no resemblance to before even taking premium account is very difficult to acquire land from the government and now only sells land auctions, which only benefits large companies and owners, if you are premium member means you want for example 16000 on ground before you could find in the map go and buy on the spot, now with this policy only auction resellers are the only beneficiaries, since you do not have large amounts of boundaries for bid at auction, with these companies, that is the truth

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I would like to add a few things.

In secondlife when we buy land, we actually buy the rights to pay rent.

Either to SL it self, either to a landlord.

So, there are 2 basic kinds of lands in SL

Private Regions and Mainland

In Private regions:

You can buy the land from a landlord, as small as you want it, min. is 512m - 117 prims ( the lot or parcel) usually for zero lindens and then you pay every week your tier to the landlord that owns the private region. Not premium membership needed (Usually approx 1,8 per prim)

Or you can pay US$10 and become premium and then pay the fees SL asks, US$600 as a one time fee plus the monthly rent US$295 for to buy a full sim of 65,536m - 15,000 prims

In Mainland:

You can pay US$10 and become premium.

Then you search in world and you pay the whatever L$ another SL member asks for a lot/parcel.
Usually for L$1 per meter or a bitt less , or way more depend on the location. Thats one time fee. Then you pay the tier to SL every month as it appears in this price list of Second Life

Or, you can simply rent it directly from a landlord and pay only the weekly tier without beeing premium.  (Usually approx 1.2 per prim)

P.S. Prices of landlords can be different of what I mention. More or less. Its a free market. But prices of SL are standard.

Click Here for to get more information about sizes of parcels and generally about real estate in Secondlife.

Wish you to enjoy your SL as much it can be and get a really nice parcel for to cover your needs!


beethros Karas

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 Buying mainland property and more....

You can use the auction process if you are a premium member.  Check for prices ( usually runs 5-7 usd per mo) to be a premium member.

How to become premium member:  http://secondlife.com/premium/?


 This charge is for you premium membership no matter how much land you own.

click here for auctions list:  http://usd.auctions.secondlife.com/lin/auction/auction/list/

You don't have to become a premium member.  But, you do get a small house ( choice of 4 styles) inc with premium membership.   And it allows you to use the mainland auction.  You can buy mainland through other  sellers.

 If you want to buy main land property ( I did and it can be very affordable) you need to search for land for sale in game,

also just open the map and look for dollar signs or yellow blocks on the map that are land for sale via private person. ( like you and I) the size of the block signifies the size of the land.  ( also check marketplace and forums) Usually you'll need to teleport to the spot and then find the land, click about land and see what size and price it is.

  If there is something you think you'd like to buy, then you click the 'buy' button and within seconds, it's yours!   Once again check the 'about land' with R click and choose about land to check and make sure it's now in your name.   You can rename the property such as " home" or 'peaceful mountain', what ever you like.

 OK, you will not need to pay rent to a rental box or someone in game.  BUT you will be charged something buy linden labs. 

 Before you buy mainland you'll probably have to set up some sort of payment options, such as pay pay, credit card or any other options linden labs (second life) accepts.

  If you already have something ( if you buy from the market board) that allows you to spend money in game, you should be good to go.

 You WILL have some monthy payment.  This will be taken out of your choice of payments.

 How much will depend on the size of land you pruchase.

 Here is a link to the price of land depending on size.


You have step prices. To see how much land you own and what it will cost per mo, and how much you can buy without raising your tier, do this:  Click on world (top left) and look to ' show owned land'.    Top will show land you own.  Very bottom will show          1.how much land you can own at your tier.   2. how much you own right now.    3. how much more land you can purchase and stay within your tier. ( and not have to pay more money per mo. than needed for your tier.)   Check the link above explaining how much we can own ( of mainland) land without going over a particular price. Of course, you can buy more, but prices may increase.

 Why would we need to pay monthy for land?

Linden Labs has to pay someone for all of the band width they use to keep all of the mainland and private islands up and running.

Added employees and tech people are there too.
If you've ever played MMOs such as Final Fantasy, Rift, Lord of the rings; just think of housing which is limited, and veryoften instanced.  When it's instanced it's there, but then it isn't. Many things are behind load screens.    It's complicated.   There are ways games save money but not all of them add to the enjoyment of a game.  So, it ends up being a toss up.

Then we have the "pay checks".  Real people work for these games and they have real families.    No, I don't work in gaming.  I'm a midwife.
All those islands out there in the water- how do we get some?
So what's different about private islands?
 These islands are bought by people like you and I. Link to buying private islands: 


Players pay a fee to buy island land,( it might be $600 now) and then $200-300 per mo.
 Even though this property is technically owned by those who bought it, they still have to pay a tier price to linden lab. 

Call It maintenance.  Whatever you like. 
  In this case you will see adverts for rent or lease.  Often there will be a price listed in buy section and a weekly or monthly price.  Look under the covenant tab and read what is there.   IF it would be a simple buy price, then it should have no covenant.       But usually in the private islands there is a covenant that explains the weekly rental or lease payment and where to deposit the linden bucks.  There should also be a name of someone if you need to contact them.
In covenant there are often instructions about the kind of neighborhood and IF there are any rules about housing and what kind of house they would like you to have. Usually it is the expected “ please be nice" and be a good neighbor. If you think you are there to stay for a while, ask about pre payment for the next month or so.   That way you don’t need to remember each week to pay rent.    Most people do have a monthly payment option.
But do remember that private islands do have rules. You can be evicted if you are not considerate.          

Whereas mainland has little if any rules.   That cuts both ways. 
You may have a neighbor who is just about the worst anyone could imagine.   If you live on mainland, there isn’t too much you can do.  Tho you could try to contact linden labs. If you live on private island there is a landlord.  
 Someone owns it , and they can evict those who make life miserable for others. I would think of the islands as having a home owners association.  If you have one IRL, you certainly know what that is! 
Pros and cons, either way.  Just depends on what you would consider a pro and what would be a con. Either way, no worries,

it's not set in stone.   If you are renting or leasing, you can leave when you like.  Might want to let the owner know,

depending on the covenant.

If you purchased land,(probably mainland)  you have a few options.
 You could subdivide it and sell part.  You could sell it all and buy something else.    If that doesn’t work you can abandon the land.   Just click abandon and it goes back to the pool of un-owned land and probably ends up being auctioned.         Putting it up for sale, even at a low price is a good idea to begin with, but you do have the abandon option if all else fails.
           One thing I did forget is forming a group.   Ask around (even on forums) to see if anyone else would like to buy land with you, You can split the price that way.  There is a spot for group owned land in the land owned options. Here is a link   


 I have directed this post primarily to those who are new to building.    I realize many already know these things.  



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