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transparency issues

wiked Anton
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Yep, as Jackie says, I would recommend you save as .png. Simply save the file as a .png and upload it to SL and the background should be transparent. It's a lot easier to work with .png than playing around with alpha channels.

ETA: You know what. I should probably just ignore this but having just payed proper attention to Jackie's name I'm a little gobsmacked! I think you need to consider whether that is a suitable name Jackie before you get AR'd for it!

2nd ETA: And apolgies for further derailment but I felt I ought to add this having just checked something. It appears that Jackie may be Dutch and that 'depakie'  may be a legitimate Dutch name, so I apologise for making assumptions. It really doesn't translate too well though!

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Tutorial for alpha channels.  If you don't do this most later versions of Photoshop fill in the background with white for .TGA files.



You'll also want the Free Plugins from Flaming Pear that she uses in the tutorial, specifically you'll want the Solidify filter.


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thanks to the big three who answered this. i did the png and and worked nicely and very easy. alpha channels? for goodness sake, i dont spend my life behind a computer and dont even know what that is. i never saved p[ng before because i never got the far down my list before getting frustrated. i saw one tut that told me i could save in bitmap and that bitmap had the option of making white backgrounds transparent, but i couldnt make that work either, but PNG is sure the way to got......once again, a big thanks for this has been bugging me for weeks

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wiked Anton wrote:

hehehe...nice save on the name thing .BTw, but doesnt ETA mean estimated time of arrival?

ETA = Edited To Add :-)

But it highlights very nicely the problem of cultural differences in the use of language and words when it comes to something global like SL, which is why I fell into the trap of making a rash assumption about Jackie's name!

Anyway - glad you can now save transparencies as .png and have fun creating! :-)

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