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  1. I took my 8 year old kids swimming at the local public pool. we were playing a game, i threw a 20cent piece to the bottom of the pools and we all took turns at diving for it. on my turn i sam passed a hard submersible turd, with some gooy entrails. i shut my mouth and swam for the top, got out and too the kids to another pool. when i told the attendant that parents were letting their babies **bleep** in the pool, he got his net out (usually used for leaves) and scooped it up and threw it in the garden. in my country they are supposed to get everyone out, and empty the pool, clean it and refil
  2. 1) Yes you can live it as a scond life, many do. Have jobs and businesses. there are many RL business that have set up businesses in here. you can get a job, earn $L to pay for all those things you want. 2) there is anything you can imagine to do. but it will take you some months and maybe years to explore all of it. there are also things like setting up you "client" to your liking (thats your veiwer) you do that in prefferances 3) you dont HAVE to spend RL money, but it will take you longer. you can get $L given to you but you may need a premium account, which means you pay a little per ye
  3. I have put a lot of money into Sl, can I take some out?
  4. thank you Ceka for letting me know LL doesnt care much about toe forums without insulting me, some could learn a thing or two from you.
  5. Gee, maybe I am naive to think they gave a **bleep**, but suddenly, I am questioning why I ever gave a **bleep** when there are arseholes like you as advisors. Ignorant I am not, but i think you are. so wise in the world of SL, is that all you do all day? thanks for nothing at all
  6. when is LL going to put a stop to this kind of nuisance posting. My email get filled with up with hundreds of emails from community forums every day. I know i could easily opt out, but i want to keep in touch with SL issues. surely LL could write a programm and that anyone posting more the 2 or 3 posts in a minute be banned. surely it couldnt be that hard. I know making forums inaccessible to newbys wouldnt work. I am really getting sick of recieving these hundreds of emails a day, especially when my phone is constantly making sounds at work. I still need to hear my phone to so turning it down
  7. dont forget to make a landmark while you there. then you wont have to do that again
  8. thanks but already did/knew this. got rid of my land (even posted a question about when the best time to get rid of my land would be) as i owned land for so long i had forgoten how the billing cycle went. I studied on it long and hard when i first bought land about 3 years ago,b ut since then had forgotten. However, I will wait until next month and see if i get ripped again
  9. Yes I know the concepts well, but got rid of my land 2 days BEFORE the billing cycle.
  10. I want to give you my full support and congratulate you on your mature decision to stay away from Sl, especially since you recognized your dependance to it. Yes, anything can be psychologically addictive and if one succumbs to it, feeds and nurtures it, then it will take over and finally destroy ones life. You took the first (and hardest) step, which is to recognize you have a problem. FB is also in theis cataogory, so be careful not to swap one for the other, tricking yourself into thinking I am out of Sl, but i will just catch up with some friends on FB. Any kind of psychological dependance
  11. I would suggest that since re-installing Win7 all your drivers are out of date. try updateing ALL your drivers, as you will have lost ALL you OS updates, driver updates, programm updates. Don't use windows update as it is useless, there is a program called driver update by slimwear that is very good for seeking out out of date drivers, finding the updates and installing them without any trouble. hope you get it fixed up. good luck with it
  12. I got rid of my land so i could save on being billed for tiers, yet i was just charged for another months tiers....WTF????
  13. as was said, besides getting tch support from the merchant where you bought it (or the creator) you will need to find a place that allows you to fire weapons. where a sim has a "no damage" policy, you will not beable to fire it. Yes, like real life, you need to go to a special place, you cant just shoot your gun off anywhere. sandpits are one place where you can fire weapons.
  14. what would be great is, if they could address the fact that a person can make an avatar, and then on the same day, send me 150 emails a day via community mailer about some whore they are trying to rent out in mumbai. I leave the community mailer on so i can stay atuned to community issues, and when i get home from work, I will have over 152 emails, 150 about mumbai whores, and 2 about real issues. It is THIS kind of unattended rubbish that is driving me and my business away from SL. already stopped doing business and sold my land.
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