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Inventor missing

Stardust Crystal

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Try clearing the cache, for best results manually. The automatic  cleaning feature often works not flawless thus resulting in not all  cache files deleted. So you should clear the cache manually and let SL  load the inventory completely new. The best way to do so is:

  1. In  SL, go to a lag free sim like Aqua
  2. Open the preferences  (CTRL-P) and there the Network tab (on the left)
  3. Note the cache  location path shown on the right
  4. Close preferences and exit SL
  5. Open  a file manager like Windows Explorer
  6. Navigate to the cache path  noted in step 3
  7. Delete ALL contents in that folder
  8. Start  SL again and login. The inventory will be loaded directly from the LL  servers.
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And if the great Ansariel's answer don't have good result, try a interesting way for recover Inventory. See USING THE PREVIEW GRID TO RECOVER LOST INVENTORY

If you realize that you have missing inventory, you can try this tip.  Follow the steps below as soon as possible:

  1. Login to the Preview Grid and find a quiet place where no one will annoy you while you are trying to solve a problem.
    Steps to login to the Preview Grid:
    • Open Second Life client, but do not log in.
    • At the login window, press Control-Shift-G to bring up the "grid selector" box. Should show 'agni'.
    • Select "Aditi" from the drop-down box.
    • The menu-bar should turn Red, and the background image will change.
  2. Open your inventory, type in a search term and allow your inventory to populate.
  3. Got your goods back? Awesome! Quit the viewer, login to theMain Grid (change the grid name in the login window back to Agni) anddo the same thing. Once you have retrieved your items on the Main Gridand your inventory has fully populated, logout and cache yourinventory.
  4. Log back into the Main Grid, recheck inventory. You should find everything has returned to normal. Enjoy your Second Life!

This technique has been proven to work more than half the time so itmay save your hide. Please bear in mind that you should only expectpositive results if you attempt this workaround as soon as possibleupon discovery of your missing items. This is NOT a guarantee that youwill be able to recover your items but having at least a chance atdoing so is much better than no chance at all. I hope this helps someof the Residents that fall victim to this issue.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4539 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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