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I dont see hair mesh!


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Hello all ! :)
Thank you for read this...

And...I have a problem I don't know if the Internet connection or what 

I have a hair mesh and I can only see the following brands : Elikatira, Exile, Magika, Lelutka, CatwA, Takeomi, Easter Coma.

And I want to know why I can not see the hair mesh of Truth Hair and DeLa* ?

Is the internet connection, or viewer or what?
Please help me :(

Thanks in advance :)

P.D : My viewer is Firestorm

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All mesh is not created equal. Some may have finer triangles than others, or be packed more densely, and therefore present a greater challenge for your graphics card.  Here are Firestorm's suggestions:

Go to PreferencesGraphics -> General; if you cannot see that tab full of options, click the Advanced button. Then enable, in order:

  • Basic Shaders
  • Hardware Skinning

If either of those remain greyed out, then increase the level of Render Quality until they become enabled and can be checked.

In some cases, worn mesh attachments will not render properly still. Go to PreferencesGraphics -> Rendering and disable both of the Alpha Mask Rendering options.

If none of the above work - and make sure you try all of them first! - then in the top menu bar, open Advanced → Debug Settings, find MeshMaxConcurrentRequests and gradually increase the value. It is recommended that you not go over 64; try to keep it less.

Known Issues

  • On occasion the mesh queue can get stuck. If this happens, you will see a message on screen saying so. This affects Firestorm 3.2.1 and 3.2.2; fixed for next release. Our JIRA ref: FIRE-4020 - inherited from LL code: SH-2568.
    If affected, Open the debug settings, find MeshMaxConcurrentRequests and bump the number up until it shows, once mesh renders please reset to default to avoid causing excess lag.
  • If that fails the only workaround is to relog.
  • Worn, rigged mesh containing any alpha in the texture will not render when PreferencesGraphics -> General → Lighting and Shadows are enabled. Our JIRA ref: FIRE-4018 - inherited from LL code: SH-2831.
    No workaround yet, apart from disable shadows or use 3.2.1 (this is only a bug in the OGL builds).
  • Mac users: The issue may be related to DNS, especially if it is combined with crashes or disconnections on all or most teleports and/or an empty friend list. See the “Mac-specific” section of this page for instructions and further explanation.
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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4029 days.

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