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Second Life on Samsung Galaxy

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I'm picking up a Samsung Galaxy MP3 player, which uses the Android OS. The Galaxy supposedly runs the internet, so I was wondering if there's an App for Second Life there, or if I could download Second Life viewer and use it. The Galaxy itself isn't ideal, only a 5 inch screen and obviously a far cry from an Ipad, but just to have to option to log in when I'm on the road would be fun.


Anyone know if this could even handle Second Life?

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Try the Lumiya client

It's currently under development, and features are being added. Version 2.0.0 supports:

  • Friends and Group managerment
  • Chat and IMs
  • Landmark / Favourites management and in-world Teleports
  • Play in-world media
  • Right-click touch functionality
  • Ability to make in-world payments
  • 3D world view rendering  - see in-world, move around

The in-inworld view rendering is still being refined (e.g. avatars are currently placeholders rather than fully rendered - but rendered avatars will hopefully be coming; the sky currently (V2) isn't rendered; "long touch" (tapping the 'phone's screen for information on in-world objects) varies depending on hardware)  - but it is still pretty impressive. It can be somewhat laggy on a 3G connection, but works well on wifi. 

Invetory options are also under development, together with on-screen map displays, as is the ability to right-click & sit on in-world objects.

I run Lumiya on my Galaxy S2, and find it pretty robust and a useful tool to have when away from my PC.

The other option is, as mentioned, Mobile Grid Client

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Lumiya 2.0.2 is now available and adds:

  • Added ability to sit on objects like pose balls and chairs.
  • Added region map (minimap) with avatar positions.
  • Added people search in SL directory.
  • Optional chat and IM logging to SD card.
  • Improved object picking in 3D view, should now work on all devices.
  • Fixed group chat issue with messages not being delivered under certain conditions.
  • Fixed a few known crash and freeze issues.#

See http://www.lumiyaviewer.com/

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Actually its not a Galaxy phone, just a MP3 player. It has the touch screen and runs apps, including internet and so forth, but doesnt have the phone aspect to it.

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