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[QUICKTIP] Toggle Help menu > Enable Hints in Viewer 2.3 Beta

Torley Linden


One of the new features we've introduced with Viewer 2.3 Beta are "hints", little text bubbles that come up and tell you more about a feature when appropriate. You may be familiar with this convention in other apps. For example, if someone types to you, you get a prompt on how to text chat. And there's one for the new display names feature too.


You can click the "X" to hide a hint, but if you'd rather globally turn them off, just disable Help menu > Enable Hints



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Bubble Help and hints are usually one of the first things that I disable in any software. I prefer an up-to-date helpfile to this kind of help.

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When i watch TV and switch through channels, i actually find it handy that my TV shows 'hints' about what's currently playing, and what's next.

Very good thing for new residents, thus a good thing for SL.

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Clippy Linden has found it's way into the viewer.

Great addition to the software. I'm al hyped up for the influx of new residents. Any hints on when the floodgates opens? And how?

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This is a brilliant expansion on the tooltips concept, and I absolutely LOVE how easy and intuitive it is to turn it off. As a beta tester, I enjoyed seeing the tips, knowing how helpful they would be for new users, but as an advanced user, I really liked that the offswitch was easy to find, and exactly in the first place I looked.

Standard UI conventions FTW.

Now, about File, Edit, and View...

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