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  1. I'm using MAx2016 and it works (rigged mesh, multiple material-IDs - still, whitespaces in a material's name cause trouble). Not sure about this one fact: in my working setup I have changed the settings of Max's FBX-exporter to use fbx-version 2014/15 instead 2016 (I vaguely remember that the choosen fbx-version also affects dae-exports). But bottom line, Max2016 works, just might need some tweaks to it's exporter's settings.
  2. 3 Ways: #1: If you did set your scene units to centimeters, you can try to compensate it in the export settings. It maybe depends on what version of Max you have, at least I have an option "export units as..." in the export dialog. Default it's on 'automatic', so maybe you can get it right there by trying other settings. #2: If you set your scene back to meters, then keep in mind: the default 'offset' (collision distance) for cloth and collition objects is "1.0"...which would mean 1 meter. So, on a scene with meters as unit, set the 'Offset' of your cloth and collider to something like 0.03
  3. I'm also very sad that the deformer was denied, and the cBones are now the way to go (or not). My problem is not the extra work, nor that there'd be something new to learn - my problem is that it simply doesn't work. Take a pair of knee high boots. As soon as the customer hasn't sraight legs, 'Fitted Mesh' suddenly stops to fit. Like Rhys said, +/-5 ok, but every shape that's more different to default will not get proper fitting. (And the legs/knees are only one area of the problem.) After a lot of testing and considering the fact that it's not possible to rig the avatar-mesh in a way that
  4. And last night all the missing emails arrived. No idea what cause this delayed delivery.
  5. And now one mail/message came through, 1 out of maybe 30 and with 9 hours delay. So there is hope :-)
  6. Thank you for the tip, Darien, but I knew about plain text/ascii-limits and always used plain text. It worked all fine since years ...until now (and didn't change anything on my mail program). Also, that the email-to-SL fails from 3 different email accounts makes me wonder. Did some further testing by replying offline-IMs not per mail program, instead directly from the web interface of the mail provider (as plain text)...still not arriving in SL :-/ So it's working for you right now ?
  7. I think we should open tickes - at all we are already 2 who are affeced :-) Here I don't know if a Linden will read, so a ticket might be better to raise awareness.
  8. Thank you for your confirmation, Sarah. First I thought it's just the "normal" problem that occurs every few weeks on certain mail-receiving items (as described here in example https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SCR-499 ). But this time it seems more general. Affecting all my items, even newly created ones - and email-replies to offline-IMs as well. Seems like no emails go 'in' SL at all.
  9. Since 2 days it seems that sending emails to SL stopped working. It first affects offline-IMs: they are forwarded to my email account, and usually I could simply 'reply' - but since 2 days my email-reply is not reaching the sender (avatar in-world). Second problem: I sometimes send an email to a scripted in-world object - but since 2 days the mails are not reaching the in-world object. Just would like to know if others have the same problem of emails from 'outside SL' are not going 'into SL' (neither to avatars nor to objects). I tried it with 3 different email accounts, all the same problem.
  10. try (destroydialog myrollout) catch ()rollout myrollout "testing" width:450 height:713(button but_01 "Random Boxes" width:88 height:21spinner spinnerAmount "Box Qty" width:46 height:16 range:[0,100,50] on but_01 pressed do ( mybox = box length:10 width:10 height:10 wirecolor:blue --new box for i = 1 to spinnerAmount.value as integer - 1 do --repeat as often as defined by spinnerAmount's value (-1, otherwise one more would be created) ( theDiceValue = random 1 20 --roll the dice: create a random number between 1 and 20 (1 and 20 are included) if theDiceValue == 20 then --if dice
  11. The Paypal fees might vary from country to country. In my country I pay 3,9%+0,35€ when receiving money from north America (=LL). There's also an additionaly fee (2.5 % if I read it correctly) when Paypal has to convert the currency (from LL comes USD and Paypal converts it to €). So, using Lindex/Paypal for cashout means a higher loss than using Virwox or others.
  12. I simply don't undertand why this did not justify a rollback - I'm VERY disapponted, really. No messages when customers contact a merchant by using scripted 'contact/message-panels', no messages from vendor systems for bookkeeping, not to forget no messages from rental systems, breedable animals, games...
  13. I can confirm this on LeTigre, no llInstantMessage() come to my email anymore. A really bad thing for many of us.
  14. Darrius Gothly wrote: Maestro Linden wrote: Triple, Marielle: Thanks for the report. I can confirm the issue about offline IMs from LSL scripts (using llInstantMessage()) missing the 'meat' of the message in offline emails. I've filed BUG-916 about this. I verified that the issue occurs in Magnum and Bluesteel with this week's new versions. Beat me to the punch by THAT much! BUG-917 LOL Thank you Maestro. I can not see the JIRA (some permission issue) - but does this mean we have to live with the broken offline-IMs until...when it's fixed somewhen in the next weeks :smileysurprise
  15. Same here, offline IMs from objects are empty. I dont know if the messages are 'empty' inworld as well, but what arrives offline is.
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