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Second Life Destinations - Palazzo Park

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Created as a love letter to Second Life, Palazzo Park embodies the essence of community and connection. A haven of joy and creativity, this voice-enabled paradise offers an array of attractions.

Learn more about it from the owner, Kacee Popstar.

How long have you been in Second Life, what do you do here, and what keeps you here?
I'm Kacee Popstar, and I initially joined around 2010. It wasn't until my return in August 2021 that I fully immersed myself in the Second Life community. If I look familiar to you, it's probably from Social Media where I'm known for real-time party promoting and posting fun club videos of the SL Music Scene with my partner in crime, Sugarplum Zsun. In-world, I began my journey managing DJ Fang Palazzo. I am also a graphic and web designer with a deep love for experiential marketing and branding. The possibilities and the incredible community keep me engaged in Second Life—there's always something new to explore, create, and experience.

When you came into SL, were you originally planning on doing something different than you do now, or did you come out of curiosity? What did you expect, and how has your experience since then differed from initial expectations?
Initially, I never intended to work in Second Life; my goal was simply to have fun. I dedicated a great amount of my time supporting fellow Residents, connecting people, and attending events because I believe the more enjoyable activities we have within Second Life, the greater the opportunity to foster growth within our community! If it is fun, I'm there! The shift into business within SL happened organically. I dipped my toes into designing by teaming up with a friend to launch DAO, a female clothing brand. This led to my having the honor of managing the marketing for emerging brands such as HexPosed and entertainment organizations like Sneaky Link Entertainment. The unexpected success of Palazzo Park highlights the transformative and unpredictable nature that makes Second Life truly special.

What is Palazzo Park?
Palazzo Park is like my little love letter to the Second Life community. Teleporting in and hearing people interact and laugh together warms my heart every single time! Fang and I receive letters from Residents, expressing their love for the Park, and it is what truly keeps us going. The community's positive feedback means the world to us. The Park was inspired by the desire to create a high-quality, voice-enabled space for the Second Life community to play and socialize. We offer a Movie Theater with private theaters equipped with syncing screens and security for privacy. We also have Bowling, Laser Tag, a Table Gaming Lounge, Bumper Cars, a Kids Zone, a fully interactive Arcade, Rides, Venue Rentals, and so much more. We are in the middle of an expansion so there is more to come!

How would you explain SL to family/friends/colleagues IRL who have no idea or perhaps have some vague notion from mainstream media?
I would describe Second Life as a funky, digital melting pot! A dynamic virtual world where creativity knows no bounds. It's a place where people from all walks of life come together to socialize, explore, and create. It's not just a game; it's a platform that mirrors the real world in so many ways, offering opportunities for self-expression, entrepreneurship, and building meaningful connections.

What is the magic of SL? Why has it survived amidst many other similar worlds/platforms?
What makes Second Life truly enchanting is the magic woven by its users and the unparalleled sense of community that emerges. Unlike other platforms, SL is like a canvas where each Resident contributes, collectively shaping the overall experience. It's this collaborative spirit and the adaptability of the platform that creates a genuinely unique environment. The beauty lies in Residents owning their creations, fostering a sense of pride and belonging. While VR promises immersive experiences, it hasn't quite captured the diverse and user-driven essence that makes Second Life so resilient and special.

What are your future plans in SL and RL? Can SL and RL mix?
I'm currently pouring my heart into expanding and revamping Palazzo Park! I'm also diving into the exciting relaunch of the Flourish Event, driven by my vision to shake up the world of shopping events by shining a spotlight on brands and their unique journeys. In real life, the integration of SL and RL is seamless for me. My experiences in the music scene in SL and working in the music industry in RL have intertwined, creating a dynamic and harmonious blend where both worlds enhance and complement each other, allowing for a seamless integration of my passions and pursuits.

Teleport to Palazzo Park, where fun meets imagination! 

Video Production and Interview by Draxtor Despres

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