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Lights, Camera, Action: Saffia Widdershins at Second Life Cinema!

Linden Lab


Second Life Cinema - Saffia Widdershins.jpg

Calling all Second Life film buffs and machinima mavens! Get ready to be enthralled by the cinematic magic of "Harland Quinn and the Omega Hex Ep 1," directed by the talented Saffia Widdershins

Join us on Wednesday, November 15th, at 12pm PT at the Second Life Cinema for this exciting movie screening. Immerse yourself in the world of Harland Quinn, where fantasy and adventure intertwine, leaving you at the edge of your seat. The screening concludes with an exclusive promotional commentary on the Fantasy Faire in Second Life, offering a glimpse into another spectacular event within our virtual world.

The excitement doesn’t end with the film! Continue the celebration at the Designing Worlds Ballroom starting at 12:45pm PT. Dance to the fantastic tunes spun by DJ Elrik Merlin, connect with fellow film lovers, and meet the director herself! 

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to experience the art of machinima in Second Life. See you at the Cinema!

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